F&FW’s Juliet Huddy: “The ‘Bitch’ is Back!”

“Blast from the past!” Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Juliet Huddy made a triumphant return today to the curvy couch that she once shared with Mike Jerrick and Julian Phillips in the early 00’s (and that she has eschewed as a sub of late). Taking the reins from the too oft diffident current co-anchor Anna Kooiman for the weekend, the former F&FW “alpha bitch” proudly introduced her appearance as a” blast from the past.”* And, so, it was.

Dressed in her ironically virginal white mini dress, Juliet held court with her boys du jour, Clayton Morris and Tucker Carlson. No awkward pauses, no alphabet soup, and no meek mien from this dirty blonde beauty: The brassy New Jersey broad Juliet appeared in sharp contrast with her more demure Southern belle successor Anna. And, maybe, she intended it that way–or, at least, Shine did.

From this viewer’s perspective, Anna’s absence appeared rather odd since she has been on the job for barely a month. Stranger yet, the usually chirpy bird neither Tweeted her followers nor alerted her Facebook friends that she would take flight from her perch so soon after alighting there. To boot, no mention was made today of the “for now” co-host on F&FW other than the one time Juliet simply said, “I’m Juliet Huddy in for Anna Kooiman” (at the start of the second hour).

The future of Fox & Friends Weekend may seem uncertain but its present is not. At least, for today (and tomorrow), to paraphrase Elton, FNC’s “alpha bitch” is back!** And, Anna’s gone for now.

*Fox & Friends Weekend – 11/02/13 (@ 6:01 a.m. ET).

**Ibid at @ 9:59 a.m. ET.

[Author’s aside: After the show today, Anna posted two glam pics of herself: one with her “Mama Bear” and another with both her parents.]

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11 Responses to “F&FW’s Juliet Huddy: “The ‘Bitch’ is Back!””

  1. motownman Says:

    When I saw Huddy was on, I immediately switched to CNN. I have no use for a woman who hates her fans so much she calls them boys who live in their mom’s basement. Can’t wait until Anna gets back from visiting her family in Charlotte.

  2. Ragsttiger Says:

    I always enjoy it when Juliet and Mike appear on F&F, reliving the best F&F Weekend duo ever. Dave Briggs and Julian Philips NEVER were good matches, within the team, so no loss. Clayton is a good fit. I do like Tucker, as he is one smart political cookie, providing a knowledgeable punch to the proceeding. I like Anna and Ainsley, so don’t wish to have anyone believe that I am slighting these two belles.

    On a related subject, I wish that Fox had hung in longer with the M&J Show. It was an excellent show, offering a different spin to the other fodder being offered for syndication.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Juliet is pretty rude to people on twitter, you think she`d be grateful she had some fans.

  4. frannie Says:

    juliet is still a nasal snore. and the new nose? is the worst one yet…..

  5. Crystal Carson Says:

    FOX has once again proven they are willing to provide a co host in Juliet Huddy who is unprofessional, lacking in knowledge of the subjects discussed and totally void of personality. Once I saw her I changed the channel. I don’t need to be subject to this regardless of my opinion and appreciation for the other hosts and shows FOX provides. Hopefully, FOX will listen.

  6. TL Says:

    Mike and Juliet were so good on Fox&Friends weekend they got their own network show for 2.5 years. I’d like to see them back hosting on weekends and it wouldn’t hurt to throw Chetry in the mix

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Poor thing, she’s such a putz. Bird brain with bird legs.

  8. Joan Kozlik Schneider Says:

    I don’t watch Fox in the morning until after Juliet leaves. At 7 AM I watch Greg and Rosanna. Juliet is brassy and tough,,she does not have a warm friendly personality. Kerry Drew, for example, is better suited for this show.

  9. Devin Rolfe Says:

    Get Juliet off!! Bring Anna back !!!!

  10. Anonymous Says:

    I miss anna and her incredible legs!!

  11. Kathy Says:

    I think Julia Huddy should work for CNN – she defends Joy Behar and “her friend” for comments about nurses…..hope never to see her again on Fox & Friends!!!!!!!!!

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