Tucker Carlson: F&FW’s Shelley Hack?

Clayton Morris: “Welcome in Mike Jerrick from Philadelphia!” Yesterday, Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Anna Kooiman welcomed increasingly frequent co-anchor Tucker Carlson fill-in Mike Jerrick with a spirited fist bump to the curvy couch. Heartily endorsing his predecessor and successor at FOX 29 Good Day (Philadelphia), Clayton Morris enthusiastically exclaimed, “Welcome in Mike Jerrick from Philadelphia!” And, no mention was made of Tucker then or for the rest of the show Saturday. Or Sunday–when Mike returned.

As the author mused today about yet another absence of Tucker and the fact that his co-anchors Anna and Clayton (or meteorologist Rick Reichmuth) did not even care to cite it, he recalled, perhaps, a revealing vignette last Sunday on F&FW of Tucker’s disconnect to the show. After a segue to his weather report, Rick ribbed Tucker about not being able to get off the floor in an earlier “fitness” segment: Chuckling, Tucker jested, “I’d fallen and I can’t [sic]  get up.”* Meanwhile, putting her hands over her eyes, Anna interjected, “So embarrassed about that video: we keep playing it.” In reply to both, perhaps, Rick declared, “We can’t let it go.”

Grinning, a gesticulating Tucker queried, “On normal TV shows, don’t they kind of prevent you from embarrassing yourself on TV?” Interposing, Clayton jested, “On normal TV shows, not on Fox & Friends!” Rick riposted, “[Inaudible] Tucker has not watched this show before he joined!” Smiling, Tucker conceded, “Yeah, apparently, not.”

Seven months ago to the very day, the rather cerebral Tucker officially was named the replacement of popular, unapologetically sentimental Dave Briggs on the curvy couch. It seemed a somewhat strange choice for a weekend show that is largely predicated on a personal nexus between the co-hosts and the audience. It appeared, especially, so in light of a F&FW signature analysis segment on January 12 (approximately two-and-half months earlier): F&FW “handwriting expert” Michelle Dresbold declared Tucker’s printed signature (“TSMC”) to indicate that he was not really letting anyone see too much of himself.** Concurring, Tucker acknowledged, “It’s like ‘Tears of a Clown’: I keep it inside.”

Perhaps, too much so. What does the FOX say?

[Author’s aside: Incidentally, after seven months as an official F&FW co-host, Tucker has still not added his FNC position to his Twitter rubric. Re “Shelley Hack” in the title of this post, supra, she was the single-season actress who replaced Kate Jackson as the “cerebral” Angel in Charlie’s Angels and got bumped summarily when she did not connect with fans.]

*Fox & Friends Weekend – 10/26/13 (@ 8:04 a.m. ET)

**Fox & Friends Weekend – 01/12/13 (@ 9:48 a.m. ET)

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7 Responses to “Tucker Carlson: F&FW’s Shelley Hack?”

  1. gigglebox Says:

    Where is he? Maybe Dave would come back. I think Mike Jerrick is really good…even better than before.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I noticed he didn`t change his twitter handle too.Odd.Thought it was a strange decision to give him the job in the first place, the guy is way too stiff for a morning show.Mike Jerrick or Rick Reichmuth would make a great replacement for a guy who clearly doesn`t want to be there..

  3. Cara Says:

    That smile, that hair – whoa!
    Whatever Tucker is doing, I’m in!

  4. Perri Says:

    Just leave already Tucker, we know you don`t want to be there.

  5. frannie Says:

    I believe tucker could not get past the weekend commute and the early hours. He has never been very expressive but he does have an analytical mind which is missing with the other current hosts..
    looks like mike and tucker are working alternate weekends for the time being. the show is in flux again…..anna, love you but you are not an anchor….

  6. gigglebox Says:

    I think Tucker is great looking. He reminds me of Matthew on Downton Abbey with a great mind, too.

  7. jakeho blogger Says:

    GIGGLEBOX- i found this site because i was looking to see if anyone saw the similarities between the actor who plays Matthew on Downton Abbey and Tucker Carlosn (obviously you do too). i think they have the same mannerisms and speech patterns.

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