Mike “Jerric”: F&FW’s Co-host Again?

Aly’s gone: Tucker, too? Today, Fox & Friends guest co-anchor Mike Jerrick returned to the curvy couch to help Clayton Morris steer the now almost rudderless ship that current American News HQ co-host Alisyn Camerota and F&FW‘s three-time captain “abandoned.” Filling in for the incorrigibly absent co-host Tucker Carlson who was recently brought on board, F&FW veteran Mike returned this morning to help save the day, as co-host “for nowAnna Kooiman struggles to gain her sea legs.

Without their long-time leader Aly today, F&FW producers and Clayton seemed saliently off course this morning. At the start of each hour (that identified the co-hosts), Mike’s surname was thrice risibly spelled as “Jerric.” (Perhaps, his early ’00’s classic F&FW stint with Juliet Huddy and Julian Phillips is now but a faint memory if ever there were one.) To boot, a strangely off-key Clayton segued twice to meteorologist Rick Reichmuth with obviously erroneous info that Rick had to correct: First, Clayton, implored male viewers to send in pics of them illegally kissing their wives today (re a Hartford, CT, law that made such P.D.A. illegal on Sundays);* and, later, he indicated that Phuket, Thailand, was devastated by a typhoon rather than the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.**

F&FW: Clayton, Anna, and who? Sans Aly, F&FW flounders anew. Clayton’s hand at the helm is somewhat uncertain; Anna is trying to find her footing; and Tucker is M.I.A. again. A la Aly, Mike to the rescue?

*Fox & Friends Weekend – 10/12/13 (@6:34 a.m. ET)

**Ibid at @ 9:09 a.m. ET.

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14 Responses to “Mike “Jerric”: F&FW’s Co-host Again?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I like Mike, he should have been the replacement for Dave rather than Tucker, who is way too stiff for a morning show anchor.Mike is a lot of fun and understands that people need a bit of levity in the morning.

  2. frannie Says:

    Janice Dean is the only reason to watch this trainwreck today…..

  3. gigglebox Says:

    I cannot understand the reason that Tucker misses every other week. Maybe he realizes that being away from his home in D.C. is too much of a sacrifice.

  4. gigglebox Says:

    I wonder if Dave Briggs wants to come back. I bet he does!

  5. Dan Says:

    The whole thing with Tucker Carlson is perplexing. I don’t know what he’s doing but if he’s going to be the permanent co-host then he should either commit to the show or quit (or Fox should let him go).

    As for Anna Kooiman, she seems fine to me. She has filled in on Fox And Friends many times and has done a great job. Anyone who remembers Courtney Friel will know the true meaning of “struggling to find her sea legs.”

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Janice should host, and Dave Briggs should come back. Anna is hot, but she’s out of her element; Tucker is the most uninteresting person I’ve ever seen on TV. What was Ailes thinking?

  7. Mary Says:

    Anna has to go………….serious stories, she giggles. She is not Ali, Ali has class.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Anna seems like a nice girl, but you`re right, she`s no Ali.They need someone more adept at dealing with the tougher stories, but Ailes does love his blondes so she`ll probably get the gig.

  9. motownman Says:

    The job is Anna’s. Any other possible candidates are out of the picture. Ainsley is hosting F&FF. Aly is hosting ANHQ. Huddy is at Fox5. Heather N is the F&F newsreader. The only other one who has hosted F&FW is Molly Line and that was two years ago. Give Anna a chance to grow into the job. Ailes likes her. She’s what he wanted Courtney Friel to be.

  10. Cara Says:

    I had not watched this show I so long.
    What a mess!

  11. Anonymous Says:

    I think we all remember the unfortunate Courtney Friel era.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Anna is ok….miss Ali, but got to move on. No Huddy, please!! Not missing Gretch during the week either!!

  13. Anonymous Says:

    I like him every morning in Philadelphia when he in not around it is not the same

  14. Proud Anna [Kooiman]: “Nice and Rough”? | Carpe Diem Says:

    […] from Tina Turner's introduction to her legendary Proud Mary (with her then husband, Ike Turner). As to the inclusion of Mike Jerrick, supra, he seems to be co-hosting F&FW with increasing frequency the incorrigibly absent […]

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