Huddy’s “Hell”: To Freeze Over?

O’Reilly: “We’re gonna keep it…at least, for the time being.” Good Day NY anchor Juliet Huddy was given an entirely new weekly segment from Bill O’Reilly entitled “Mad as HellThursday on his eponymous show. A day earlier, Juliet’s erstwhile signature slot on the O’Reilly Factor, “Did You See That,” was handed to America’s Newsroom co-host Martha MacCallum. Stranger yet, O’Reilly himself seemed to suggest that Juliet’s new gig might not be long-lived.

Apparently, signaling the changes afoot on theĀ Factor a week earlier (September 25), Martha Tweeted, “I will be on @oreillyfactor every Wed night.” Then, this past Wednesday, Martha appeared in Juliet’s place on “Did You See That” with no mention of the missing Juliet by either Martha or O’Reilly. However, at the end of the show, O’Reilly announced that the Factor on Thursday would “launch a brand new segment called ‘Mad as Hell'” with Juliet commenting on viewers’ missives about what really ticks them off.

True to O’Reilly’s word, Juliet appeared Thursday on “Mad,” opining with her “William” about e-mail from peeved viewers.* And, at the end of her segment, “O’Reilly asked for more such letters to them for the following Thursday.

However, on Friday, O’Reilly indicated that he and Juliet might not be entertaining such correspondence permanently. At the end of his show Friday, Bill read an e-mail from a fan of “Mad,” saying, “Mr. O, if you discontinue the Mad as Hell segment, I will be mad as hell.” In response, O’Reilly remarked, “Alright, we’re gonna keep it…at least, for the time being.”

In Ailes’ world lately, that “time being” is rather tenuous–at best.

*O’Reilly Factor – 10/03/13 (@ 7:29 p.m. ET)

**O’Reilly Factor – 10/04/13 (@8:55 p.m. ET)

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5 Responses to “Huddy’s “Hell”: To Freeze Over?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I wasn`t crazy about that segment, it felt a bit thrown together to me, like they were just looking to give Juliet something to do.

  2. Karl Haschart Says:

    Now with the Obama administration placing traffic cones blocking possible stops to see Mt. Rushmore, I am MAD AS HELL!!! and reminded me of the picture I created of Obama’s likeness added to a picture of Mt. Rushmore. Then something happened. I saw a new face emerge. Photoshop helped me to tweek it a bit and then I captioned it “I am mad as HELL and I am NOT going to take it any more” Everyone should see this!!! Karl

  3. Richard Kiesov Says:

    Our govt. is not about us “the people” any longer and “we the people need to do something about it” i am for sure mad as hell.

  4. frannie Says:

    she got even more nasal if that is possible and her nose has been bobbed into a little paydoh pinch…not a fan

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