Heather & Ainsley: F&FF Catfight Queens?

The other Heather and PAB scratched out! FNC chose the Carolina belles Heather Childers and Ainsley Earhardt to be the permanent co-hosts of Fox & Friends according to TVNewser. As to their former rotating fellow co-anchors, Heather Nauert has transitioned to be the quirky headline news reader on the new weekday Fox & Friends and Patti Ann Browne announced that she will do updates and hits and will guest anchor during the “dayside hours.”

Heather and Ainz can be proud of themselves: after all, they are the last ones standing from the originally proclaimed cast of ten (including not only their latest partners Heather N. and PAB but also FNC beauties Anna Kooiman, Juliet Huddy, Arthel Neville and Jamie Colby, and beasts Dave Briggs and Clayton Morris). Ainsley, especially, must feel giddy since she inaugurated this second version of the Fox & Friends First (with Anna) and is still heading the helm.

Unfortunately, the sapor of the show has changed from the time when Ainsley (and Anna) delivered on the promo to be a “shot of espresso” to rouse their viewers from their bed. Short skirts, flirty fun, and cheeky chats have given way too oft to more demure dress, insipid sobriety, and banal banter. Oops: from caffeine to decaf!

Congrats, Heather and Ainsley! Break a leg. And, spice it up!

[Author’s aside: “Catfight Queens”? Perhaps, if the ratings dip too much!]

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2 Responses to “Heather & Ainsley: F&FF Catfight Queens?”

  1. motownman Says:

    Congratulations to Ainsley and Heather!!! So well deserved. I hope boogie is pleased, wherever he is.

  2. David Says:

    I really like Patty Ann Browne. I know she has really paid her dues in journalism, starting at small stations, working odd hours, and doing what needed to be done. She probably wants to have a more “normal” life with regular hours. Patty Ann Browne has earned that.

    Ainsley Earnhardt seems to have found a niche with Fox and Friends First. She doesn’t seem to mind (at least on the air) working an 11 pm to 7 am shift.

    Jamie Colby doesn’t seem to mind (at least on the air) working weekends. Like Megyn Kelly, Ms. Colby also has a law degree, and I find her reporting to be well researched. I would like to see Ms. Colby go back to her natural hair color though.

    Heather Nauert is doing a good job reading the headlines on Fox and Friends. I did like it the few times I saw her fill in for Gretchen Carlson. I also enjoyed the day that Shannon Bream was given a chance as a fill in host for Gretchen on Fox and Friends. Like Megyn Kelly and Jamie Colby, Ms. Bream is also an attorney, which is one reason Ms. Bream covers the Supreme Court.

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