Camerota: “It’s Going Too Quickly”

Aly: “Ha! Leave ’em wanting more.” Yesterday, Fox & Friends Weekend queen of the curvy couch Alisyn Camerota made her move yesterday to a new throne on America’s News HQ next to the “thieving” Bill Hemmer. Apparently, producers realized that Aly’s Fox & Friends Weekend fans were not necessarily overly amused with the loss of their beloved beauty: Thus, they opened the new ANHQ with a humorous show-starting skit a la Saturday Night Live (of lovely Aly with a huge curler in her hair being served a bagel by an obsequious Bill before they both frantically realized that they were running late for their premiere program).

Continuing the meme mid-show, Bill asked, “How you doing? You alright?” Smiling knowingly, Aly answered, “Doing well. It’s going too quickly!” Grinning  back almost impishly, Bill replied, “Is it?” Beaming beautifully, Aly responded, “Yes, stretch it out a little more, Bill. Slow it down! Too fast for me!”

Too fast for Aly’s F&FW fans, too–by three hours! When the author suggested as much to Aly, she aptly Tweeted, “Ha! Leave ’em wanting more.”

And, indeed she does!

Update: Aly and Bill’s ANHQ opening vid via J$P.

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4 Responses to “Camerota: “It’s Going Too Quickly””

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Ali`s doing a great job so far, Gretchen`s show is o.k, not exactly blowing me away.

  2. Patsy Pauley Says:

    Alisyn is doing a great job, She couldn’t do anything but . Not getting enough. Fox you could do more than 1 hour…..

  3. peteyrulz Says:

    I miss Alisyn on F&FW! Anne is good, but the chemistry with Alisyn is absolutely perfect. And WHY is Fox’s most affable and talented person ON FOR ONLY ONE HOUR?? Wake up, Roger!

  4. Bill Hemmer: No F&FW Fan? | Carpe Diem Says:

    […] no respect from FNC host Bill Hemmer. First, the eminently likeable “blow-dry anchor” stole the queen of the curvy couch, three-time F&FW co-host Alisyn Camerota from her fans for good on October 1 of last year. Now, […]

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