Kooiman: “Looking Up My Skirt?”

Clayton: “That’s my business!” Fox & Friends Weekend co-anchor Clayton Morris got rather randy with his brand new co-host Anna Kooiman this morning. Perhaps, sharing the curvy couch with ever caprid guest co-anchor Mike Jerrick and oft frisky meteorologist Janice Dean today may have helped embolden the bad boy.

As the show was concluding, Anna asked Clayton to show the audience what they were doing and pointed to the computer in front of her lap.* As Clayton picked it up and showed the viewers a live stream of the show, he invited them to go to “Google Hangout” to view the After the Show Show. Looking down and pulling her leg slightly upward, Anna racily queried, “So, that wasn’t looking up my skirt was it?”

Leaning in toward Anna, a playful Janice naughtily interjected, “I’m sure you’ll have lots more viewers!”

Looking down at the computer screen, Anna smilingly exclaimed, “No it wasn’t….I checked. I checked!”

But, Clayton racily suggested otherwise: Grabbing his coat for effect, he bawdily replied, “That’s my business!” Looking down at the computer screen again, Clayton’s eyes bulged suddenly: then, glancing back at Anna appreciatively, he beamed bawdily.

Roaring with laughter, Janice rocked back and clapped her hands in delight. Chiming in, Mike concluded, “And, how do you trump that?”


*Fox & Friends Weekend – 09/29/13 (@ 9:58 a.m. ET)

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2 Responses to “Kooiman: “Looking Up My Skirt?””

  1. sexeplace.com Says:

    Thanks for finally talking about >Kooiman: “Looking Up My Skirt?” | Carpe Diem <Loved it!

  2. Tom Bennett Says:

    Why no video clip?

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