Aly Abandons F&FW?

“I’ve got to go with Bill. I’m sorry.” Sorry, Alisyn Camerota fans: your fave gal has taken flight after three unforgettable stints as a fab Fox & Friends Weekend co-host. F&FW co-host Alisyn Camerota will leave F&FW to host America’s News HQ on the weekdays with Bill Hemmer at 1 p.m. ET according to TV Newser. The move should come as little surprise to long-time followers of F&FW who watched Aly leave her F&FW hubbies Clayton Morris and Dave Briggs for five full months in 2011 (during Megyn Kelly‘s “maternity shuffle” and a month more) to cavort shamelessly with America’s Newroom co-anchor Bill Hemmer and other FNC co-anchor rakes.

All levity aside, Aly has more than paid her dues on Fox & Friends Weekend (and other F&F iterations). In fact, in the author’s opinion, she assuredly merited a permanent seat on the curvy couch with Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade on the weekday Fox & Friends. But, unfortunately, she lost out to Shine’s choice Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Not bad–but she’s no Aly!

Thanks for the memories, Aly! First, you and Kiran Chetry made F&FW must-see TV in your first stint at F&FW. Second, you came to the rescue when newbies Clayton and Dave desperately needed someone to steer their ship on a more certain course. And, third, you gallantly returned to the helm when you reluctantly realized that your F&FW wannabe replacements could not quite measure up.

Good luck, Aly! But, you’ll be missed–sorely!

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21 Responses to “Aly Abandons F&FW?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Ali has more than paid her dues on F&F, she really deserves this new job, I was beginning to wonder if Ailes was ever going to notice her abilities and give her a shot at a weekday gig.I will miss seeing her at the weekends though and I kind of hope Anna is only going to be a temporary replacement rather than the full time anchor on F&Fw , although she is blonde and perky so the job is probably already hers.Does anyone else think Clayton Morris deserved a shot at a weekday gig too?.I think he is underrated and it would have been interesting to see him and Ali anchoring during the 1 pm slot.

  2. Mike Says:

    Great team player for sure, is Martha staying?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Yeah, Martha and Bill are still doing America`s newsroom, Bill just has an extra hour with Ali.I`ve long thought that Fox needed a shake up, I know it still dominates in the ratings but it had gotten stale.Moving Megyn to 9pm along with all the other changes could be just what it needs.

  4. Woodrow B. Long Says:

    Just as well.
    I was a big fan when the show was more fun, but lately it is hard to watch. Boring, all politics, and Tucker Carlson.
    No thanks.

  5. Mike Lindsay Says:

    I would have preferred Aly over Hasselbeck
    she has a better personality and is sharper on the topics.

  6. Sara Says:

    I think Clayton deserves a weekday anchoring gig too, Fox have a parsity of decent male anchors.

  7. Sandy Says:

    Loved my weekend coffee with Alyson
    Poor judgment and bad move not to have her on F&F weekdays.

  8. Carol Says:

    Aly is one of the best hosts on all of Fox news. What a waste not to have moved her to Fox and Friends weekdays. Elizabeth is such a bad choice. I will go back to watching other morning shows.

  9. gigglebox Says:

    Aly would have made a fabulous anchor for fox and friends weekdays. It was wrong not to give her the spot. She earned it. Clayton is fab in everything and is really sharp. Even Mike Jerrick is a great fill-in. I like him. Dave Briggs made the hugest mistake leaving. Michelle Beadle’s new program by herself has already been cancelled. Aly was smart to see others leave for “browner” pastures so she did everything asked of her. She should have been rewarded more handsomely.

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  11. Sheron Says:

    Ali, good luck with your new show. You have always been my first choice. I have been a fan of yours an Kiran. So, 1:00pm news will still keep me as an fan. Let’s give Elizabeth a chance. Let her discover her softer side as a partner with the men on the morning show.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    I really hope Anna won`t be replacing Ali permanently, she`s a lightweight.

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  16. Jenny Says:

    All this started with Megyn Kelly announcing that she needed nights or she was leaving the show because she wanted to be home with her kids. Nights of course meant prime time. Remember she pulled this same crap when she had her first baby and she went from co-host with Hemmer to getting her own show.

    That is when the shake up started. Fox is trying to get younger ones to attract the younger viewers and their answer was putting Hasslebeck with her helium voice on F&F and put Anna on F&FW and push the Hannity to 10pm slot.

    That opened up the 9pm for Megyn to take over. She annoys the hell out of me. She screams her lines as she reads from the teleprompter. I used to turn it down, now I turn it off.

    So with those chances, Gretchen got her own show, (WHY????) and then Aly was taken off the weekend and put into a co-host spot.

    Weekends allowed her to be home with kids during the week and on the weekends, her husband would be home to watch the kids while she worked.

    So now she was forced to miss out on all the day time hours with her kid.


    If you want to pass blame, look at Megyn. She is the greedy, 6 million+ earner who started this whole mix up.

    Aly is a class act, and she will be missed.

    Today I am watching HGTV during that time slot.

    I am tired of Fox’s games they are playing to pamper a few Anchors.

    The screaming Kelly and the Helium voiced Hasslebeck.

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