Five’s Bolling: Hasselbeck Hotter than Gretchen?

F&F’s Kilmeade: Carlson “gets a week off and then she’s back in action.” Oops! FNC Five anchor Eric Bolling and Brian Kilmeade may have been a bit too candid about the co-host change at Fox & Friends and the debut date of Gretchen Carlson‘s new FNC show Thursday.

In the penultimate segment of the Five (September 12), Eric announced that blond beauty “Elisabeth Hasselbeck will join the [F&F] team” on the following Monday.* As a frequent F&F fill-in co-host, Eric seemed especially excited to have her aboard, exclaiming, “She’s definitely bringing up the hotness chart on, on the Fox & Friends.”** Appearing to catch Eric’s seemingly unwitting slight of Gretchen who would leave her seat on the curvy couch the very next day, Five co-anchor Andrea Tantaros groaned, “Hey! Ohhh!”

Coming to Gretchen’s seeming succor, also, Five co-host Dana Perino intoned, “I’m excited for Gretchen, too, because she’ll have a show, uh, I guess, sometime during the day.” Interjecting immediately, Five guest co-host Brian Kilmeade replied, “Yeah! Sometime during the day, they’re going to announce this week that she gets a week off and then she’s back in action.” Appearing to try to cover for Brian’s apparent faux pas, Dana asked, “Just a week?” Smiling sheepishly, Brian replied, “Yeah, I think.”

On Thursday, it was definitely five o’clock at Fox News: In vino veritas, Eric and Brian? Elisabeth might not mind but Gretchen just might.

*The Five – 09/12/13 (@ 5:49 p.m. ET).

**Ibid at @ 5:51 p.m. ET.

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2 Responses to “Five’s Bolling: Hasselbeck Hotter than Gretchen?”

  1. Marvin Standridge Says:

    I don’t know why you folks have Juan Williams on your show, he only detracts from the show! He is so predictable that you know that he is totally in love with Obama, and is about as far left as you can get and still be a Democrat.

  2. Marvin Standridge Says:

    You folks remind me of scrambled eggs, you are all over the place and never come to any conclusion. So what all of the Fox so called news is nothing more the a bunch of people chasing the TV ratings. You never cover anything that is not on the Media airways and then you just make comments that mean nothing and go no where.
    I enjoy watching I just take it as entertainment or Comedy.
    If you wanted to be a worthy news broadcast then you would go out side the box and look at what is really going on.
    For instance; Why did Obama roll out Obama Care before it was ready? If you were paying attention to what was going on in Washington during the Democratic Government (Republicans wrote several legislative bills to keep the Government open and Reid said dead on arrival) shut down, the Republicans were pushing real hard to prove that Obama Care was a bad idea and if Obama would have not rolled it out on time the Republicans would be able to say see this is what we are talking about. So even though it is flawed and a mess he now has cover, he blames the Republicans, The folks that wrote the Web Site, and he didn’t know it was flawed until he read about it in the news, and that he is mad and going to get to the bottom of it. I don’t think you will read this or even give it any credence.

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