Juliet Huddy: I’ll Be Back

“Juggling many professional and personal commitments.” Today, Good Day NY anchor Juliet Huddy announced that she will be back on the O’Reilly Factor this Wednesday–after two unexplained absences from her weekly segment on the show, “Did You See That?.” In answer to a query from the author whether she were still an O’Reilly Factor correspondent (and a <em>Carpe Diem article by the author in that regard), a seemingly irked Juliet answered, “Didnt [sic] realize I had to send press releases out when off!!” More to the point, she continued, “I’ll be back Wed. Juggling many professional and personal commitments.” (Later, she kindly added, “Always happy to update!”)

Good luck on the juggling, Juliet! And, welcome back Wednesday!

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2 Responses to “Juliet Huddy: I’ll Be Back”

  1. Bob Says:

    Juliet Huddy has no social media skills. http://www.twitter.com/JulietHuddyFox5

    She has long attacked, mocked and been hateful to her followers. She’s complained on air about them being in their parents basement and other things.

    Her snarky reply to you is just the latest example.

    She recently attacked those who made a comment about her mom adopting a dog from PR.

    Juliet could take some lessons from other Fox News personalities how to deal with fans.

    I think she’s really upset because she’s had so many failed marriages/relationships. She’s 45 and no kids and her chances now are slim to none.

    Would most rather see Juliet or Heather?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    She IS pretty snarky on twitter, someone made a joke about her mom adopting a dog from P.rico instead of America and she went off on them, totally failing to realize they were just kidding around.I`m beginning to understand why she has run through 3 marriages already.

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