Five’s Beckel: Hey, Gum This, Andrea Tantaros!

Kimberly Guilfoyle: “Bob…do you know what you just said!” Today, The Five unfiltered co-host Bob Beckel took his hyper-sexual schtick to a whole new level–at the expense of his co-anchor Andrea Tantaros. When the Greek beauty tried to conclude her segment timely this afternoon (on the “Red Line in Syria”) and tease the next block, Bob babbled on: Seemingly irritated at his puerile solipsism, Andrea chided, “Bob, as my tenth grade biology teacher used to say, ‘Give the gums a rest!'”* Unrepentant, Bob bawdily riposted, “Hey, gum this!”

As a smiling Andrea tried to gamely soldier on in her segue, her aghast off-camera co-host Kimberly Guilfoyle exclaimed, “Terrible! Terrible!” Aptly, pricking the priapic Philistine further, she added, “Bob, I mean, do you know what you just said!”

The Five‘s bad boy? Nah, he probably had no clue. Yeah, right!

*The Five – 08/28/13 (@ 5:45 p.m. ET)

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4 Responses to “Five’s Beckel: Hey, Gum This, Andrea Tantaros!”

  1. vciro Says:

    Beckel can only be described as low class. I have met many like him during my service in the Marine Corps and through many years in the business world. They think that their rough language and behavior makes then “tough guys”. It doesn’t especially when they behave that way towards women. They think that their drinking, drugging and self serving sexual behavior is something to brag about. I love the show but his on air coughing, belching, running nose, and obscene and gutter comments might have been cute years ago but at his age, they are an embarrassment and loyal viewers should not have to tolerate him. Whenever he disagrees with someone’s ideological position, rather than thoughtfully disagreeing and arguing his point with facts, he instantly demonizes the person or group with whom he disagrees: textbook “progressive” behavior. So predictable. His overall demeanor and lack of refinement would be a much better fit over at MSNBC, perhaps with someone of his own ilk like on the “Ed Show”.

    Why such a fine Network like Fox continues to employ someone like Beckel is beyond me. If this latest comment was an isolated case, that could be understandable and forgiven. However, his habitual low class and below-the-belt comments as well as his ongoing insults and innuendos belong in a barnyard, not on a fine Network like Fox and especially not among refined people like the others on “The Five”.

    He recently bragged about walking the civil rights marches with his father. Obviously he is proud of his father and that’s admirable. However, he aught to think about whether his father would be proud of him considering his habitual low-class behavior. Beckel claims to have cleaned up his act as far as drugs and alcohol. That’s fine. Now he needs to clean up not just what goes into his mouth….but what comes out of it!

  2. don bayer Says:

    he is a pig

  3. tempat wisata di jawa tengah Says:

    he is disgusting

  4. Jenny Says:

    I can’t stand him and I write to Fox daily and tell them. Is there no HR dept at Fox?

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