Bikini Babe Anna? “Ha Dream On! No Way!”

Visions of Anna come true: Yes way! Sexy Fox News correspondent Anna Kooiman got clingy wet Friday as she previewed the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series in Boston. For fans who wanted to see their favorite bathing beauty in action, Anna Tweeted twice Thursday and thrice Friday that she herself would be “in the drink” in her cliff diving segment. And, she delivered–in a hot purple tank top and skin-tight black shorts. [“>Vid via J$P.] At least, she thought that she did.

But, one fan was less than impressed with Anna’s 30-foot plunge into the Boston harbor (or her preceding interview of an elite American about the contest in which competitors strut their stuff from a higher platform of 90-feet). Disappointed, he testily Tweeted, “C’mon Anna we all tuned in to see you in a bikini! What the heck?” In riposte, she jibed, “Ha Dream on! No way!”

Happily, for such Anna acolytes, their beloved beauty has not always had such qualms. In her pre-FNC days, she proudly posed in her itty bitty bikini with an apparent beau. Furthermore, in seemingly the same time period, the saucy siren unabashedly rocked another skimpy bikini for the appreciative eyes of, perhaps, that same lucky sailor. [Pic 1, pic 2].

Bikini babe Anna? Dream on! Her fans get the last laugh.

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3 Responses to “Bikini Babe Anna? “Ha Dream On! No Way!””

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Anna, could you persuade Gretchen to post a few pics wearing a bikini? Now THAT would be breaking news!

  2. Richard Says:

    In reality, most women regardless of body type would wear at least a one piece when diving from a height like this. A bikini would most likely fall off. This is why the majority of competitive female swimmers wear a one piece.

    The outfit Anna wore for the shoot was appropriate, and promoted a sense of modesty. I don’t know how cold Boston Harbor is, but I do know a wet suit similar to what surfers wear when the water is around 70 degrees Fahrenheit would also have been appropriate.

  3. gigglebox Says:

    nevertheless, anna cannot be on fox when serious news is happening.

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