“Haggling” Gretchen Gone: Hottie Hasselbeck In

Finally. Carlson “promoted” to her own afternoon show. As Fox & Friends began this morning, co-anchor Gretchen Carlson announced to her Fox & Friends viewers that she was leaving the curvy couch sometime in September for her own Fox News afternoon show. Referencing obliquely the New York Post “Page Six” exclusive yesterday that she would be replaced by The View‘s co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck and that she would get a one-hour show in the early fall, a smiling Gretchen threw up her hands, saying, “Welcome, everybody! Hey, I, I think we’ve been in the news recently!”

The news comes as little surprise to cable news watchers who have noticed that Gretchen has seemed to be increasingly absent from the show over the past year. On August 4, 2012, Carpe Diem noted in “Gretchen’s Last Summer Vacation” her very frequent vacations and F&F‘s showcasing of possible replacements, including regular fill-ins, Alisyn Camerota and Ainsley Earhardt, and outside talent, Dara Torres and Kara DioGuardi. Over a month later, New York Magazine indicated that Gretchen’s “conspicu[ous] absen[ces] from Fox  & Friends for days on end” that summer coincided with her “haggling over her contract terms,” including a contentious one for her own show, with Fox News.

Apparently, Gretchen has finally won that year-long battle with the FNC suits. Now, she will have to live or die on her own smarts, talent, and charisma. After seven years of Gretchen’s being buttressed by her bulwark F&F co-hosts, Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade, Roger Ailes and his Fox family and friends will finally find out if she can stand on her own.

Update 1: J$P “‘advance'” video of Gretchen explaining her “move forward in [her] career.” H/t, Johnny.

Update 2: In Elisabeth’s adieu on The View today, she emotionally declared, “I’m really happy and excited to confirm that indeed I will be joining the Fox & Friends team in September. And, [I] would like to thank Mr. Roger Ailes, Bill Shine, [and] the entire news channel for this incredible opportunity. Today is officially my last day at The View.” [Vid via Mediaite.com – @ 1:03/9:16.]

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14 Responses to ““Haggling” Gretchen Gone: Hottie Hasselbeck In”

  1. Ken Says:

    She will fall flat on her face. I won’t watch her I’m glad she will be off F & F. With all the time off she projects that she thinks she is better than everyone else.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Well, all you Gretchen haters got your wish. For years the writer of this blog has showed his/her support for Ally. Talking smack about Gretchen whenever the he/her got the chance. I, like many others like Gretchen. The eye candy factor aside, she is good at her job. I wish her the best of luck. Hasslebeck is a worthy heir to the throne. All you Ally lovers, don’t cry so hard. She still has the weekend job.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Congrats to Gretch, just keep flashing you’re gorgeous gams baby, and you’ll be fine.

  4. motownman Says:

    I guess the lesson if you’re Ainsley, Anna or Aly, and you do everything your bosses ask of you and then some, is you’re supposed to just smile gracefully and accept Fox is bringing in the bimbo from ABC to do the job you have earned and deserve.
    I know that’s not fair to Elisabeth, but Fox isn’t being fair to the women they have groomed for that job
    Of course life isn’t fair, especially in the TV news business
    I found out about this when Ainsley posted a link to the story on her Facebook page and welcomed Elisabeth to the Fox family
    What a class act she is
    I’m sure she’s disappointed and she has every reason to be
    At least she has found her niche on F&FF
    Here’s my question:
    Between Doocy, Kilmeade and Elisabeth, which one is the journalist?
    Not that it matters

  5. Anonymous Says:

    “After seven years of Gretchen’s being buttressed by her bulwark F&F co-hosts, Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade, Roger Ailes and his Fox family and friends will finally find out if she can stand on her own.”

    Is this a joke? As if the two doofuses are the reason anyone is watching Fox & Friends.

  6. Paul Knight Says:

    I wonder if Gretch remembers what happened to E D.

  7. Amber Harlow Says:

    Terrible decision to give that Stepford wife Gretchen her own show, the woman is a vacant lot, She has none of Megyn Kelly`s wit or charisma.It sounds very much as if she wore the suits at Fox down and eventually got her own way.I predict an E.D Hill type situation.When the ratings inevitably drop she will be gone.

  8. cathy807 Says:

    Paul Knight; that was my first thought. “Promote” to their own show and then use falling ratings to point the way to the Departure Lounge. Wonder how long Gretchen’s contract is for. Have never warmed to her – comes across as a bit too pious and goody-two-shoes. Have always preferred Aly’s more earthy sense of humour.

    Got to admit though, the EH appointment is a great publicity deal. There’s always the possibility it might work out but if it doesn’t then for me Aly would be the natural fit. However, she is the lynch pin of the weekend show which would give the powers-that-be another problem to solve. Love it when and Mike Jerrick .are on together

  9. vciro Says:

    Thank heavens she is leaving! She never fit in that slot and I am sure that the only two people happier than me to see he go are Brian and Steve. Can’t she go now? Do we really have to wait until September? The sooner, the better. I would have preferred Aly on the curvy couch but Elizabeth Hasselbeck or just about anyone else would be better than Carlson. C’mon September! Finally, I can get back to enjoying F&F in the morning.

  10. Kira Says:

    This is just a nice way of getting rid of her, they did the same thing to E.D Hill.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    The sooner, the better!

  12. Poppy Q Says:

    I still can`t believe she got her own daytime show over so many other, far more talented anchors, her agent must have played hardball, I would have just let her leave,Megyn Kelly she ain`t.

  13. Comely Camerota: CNN’s Catch | Carpe Diem Says:

    […] VP of Programming Bill Shine has seemingly given his erstwhile best anchor the shaft: When he ditched on F&F weekday, it appeared that the long-suffering three-time co-anchor of F&FW and […]

  14. cathy807 Says:

    … I knew it was here somewhere …. a Gretchen post with references to the possibility of another E D Hill type departure.

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