FNC’s New Future: Megyn In for Greta?

Van Susteren: “I’ve been been bucking to get an earlier hour for years….”* Apparently, her boss Roger Ailes was listening: Only five days after FNC On the Record anchor Greta van Susteren uttered those very words to her old friend Larry King on his 06/27/13 eponymous online show, Fox News issued a release which read, “[America Live anchor] Megyn Kelly will move to Fox News Channel’s (FNC) primetime lineup upon her return, announced Roger Ailes, Chairman and CEO, FOX News.” However, FNC took pains to highlight the fact that Greta had been signed to a long-term contract (as well as FNC’s other prime time hosts Bret Baier, Shepard Smith, Bill O’Reilly, and Sean Hannity).

In King’s interview of Greta, the former CNN anchor discussed the possible personnel changes of new CNN honcho Jeff Zucker: In so doing, she referenced FNC and her long-time chief, saying, “Look at Fox News….Roger Ailes has been there the whole time I’ve been there. We haven’t had a change in eleven and half years.” Nonchalantly or not, she continued, “I’ve been bucking to get an earlier hour for years but that ain’t happening….If anyone ever left, I would put in a pitch.”

Now that Ailes has decided to change his storied FNC schedule, it seems that Greta will get her wish of an earlier hour. But, whom will she replace or with whom will she pair? If Greta replaces anyone, it will probably be Fox Report host Shepard Smith who could continue to work in his “long-term contract” as anchor of Studio B. But, if Greta were to co-host instead, a likely pairing would be with fellow conservative Sean Hannity who sorely needs fresh blood to reinvigorate his recently ratings-challenged show.

And, if Greta does vacate her 10 p.m. ET throne, it seems that Fox’s long-suffering “rising star” has finally achieved her rightful place in the FNC ether. In December of 2008, Carpe Diem warned Greta to watch out for Megyn. Six months later, the New York Times eyed Megyn as a “potential heir to Ms. Van Susteren.”

Now, Megyn’s time has come: Prime time!

*Larry King Now – 06/27/13 (@ 11:29/28:19

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11 Responses to “FNC’s New Future: Megyn In for Greta?”

  1. motownman Says:

    Couldn’t Greta go to 11 p.m,. with Megyn at 10 p.m.? Just shift the O’Reilly and Hannity reruns back an hour.

  2. Adam H Says:

    Please God, let her replace Shepard Smith, I can`t bear this snarky, biased excuse for a journalist.

  3. Poppy Q Says:

    Nah.There`s no way O`Reilly would allow his repeat to be pushed back, I think Greta may go to either weekend primetime or take up Megyn`s old timeslot, although I think that would be a mistake, I just don`t see her as a daytime anchor.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    It`s almost certainly going to be Greta who is replaced,O` Reilly and Hannity,even though I can`t stand him, must be safe.Ideally they`d get rid of Shep but he seems to be a favorite of Ailes for some reason.So, that leaves Greta and even though her contract states that she would only anchor during primetime , whose to say that it won`t be weekend primetime?.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Fox has abandoned any notion of journalistic integrity with the hire of Elizabeth Hasselbeck.She is a `personality` not a reporter.What happens when a big, hard news story breaks?, does she have the smarts to deal with it?.The thought of Gretchen getting her own daytime show is also giving me nightmares.

  6. Jason Says:

    Not happy about Gretchen possibly replacing Megyn, can`t bear that woman.

  7. Michael Says:

    Maybe it’ll be Megyn coming back to 10pm ET and Gretchen Carlson and Greta each getting one-hour slots in the 1pm ET – 3pm ET window.

  8. Jason Harper Says:

    Not happy about Gretchen seemingly replacing Megyn.The ratings are going to drop through the floorboards.

  9. Michael Says:

    I think giving Gretchen her own show must be a way for Fox to get rid of this woman. Granted, I’ve not watched much since the last election coverage but her interview style isn’t anything to write home about, IMHO.

    And I hope she’s got several people tagged as “official fill ins” for her numerous vacations. Like a week every six weeks or so?

  10. Betsy R. Livingston Says:

    There is a big difference having Roger Ailes in charge at Fox compared to some faceless corporate board. Roger is not a stuffed suit — he is fun, he is accessible, and he is loyal to us. Yes, loyalty matters. Roger loves hard work, and he loves a challenge. His attitude is contagious to the rest of us and largely the reason Fox is number one in all of cable news.

  11. motownman Says:

    If loyalty matters, Betsy, why didn’t he give the F&F job to Aly, Ainsley or Anna?

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