“New Day”: New Dawn or New Dud?

Chris, Kate, and Michaela: CNN’s New Day morning team brings a brighter dawn to their viewers–at least, for now. Gone are the too oft surly Soledad O’Brien and her Starting Point panel of milquetoast toadies (and the subsequent SP fill-ins): And, in their place are three sunnier replacements, alpha male Chris Cuomo, tomboy beauty Kate Bolduan, and the engaging BBBW Michaela Pereira. And, thankfully, for three full hours for those sick and tired of the schizophrenic Early Start/Starting Point (two hour/two hour) start to their CNN day.

For early morn viewers wondering who in the world the new CNN honcho Jeff Zucker’s tyro trio were, they introduced themselves to each other and to viewers in their respective profile segments (vids): Chris’s “Poseidon Adventure”; Kate’s “Skeet’r Shoot”; and Michaela’s “Soccer Mom.” It was almost an homage to FNC’s Fox & Friends: i.e., an acknowledgment that morning news TV should be informative, informal, and personal if it is truly to resonate with its audience.

However, the personal chemistry among Kate, Chris, and Michaela does seem somewhat forced at times, e.g., Chris requesting and receiving a kiss from Michaela and their subsequent group hug at the end of Michaela’s “Soccer Mom” segment. Nevertheless, the three seem to genuinely like other.

Still, Chris seems to be the wild card: He’s the baritone Cuomo scion that sometimes seems somewhat solipsist but is trying hard to mingle with the masses. Hopefully, he can. But, for future reference, as Kate seemed to sense, he probably should not tell aurally challenged, camera-curious three-year-olds–even if in jest–that he won’t abide their stealing “[his] camera” or his “single.”* [Video.]

As Ad Age noted, the results for a New Day were mixed in its debut week (June 17-21). It did edge out its HLN sibling in the ratings and was leaps and bounds above Soledad’s cellar status in the same time period in 2012: However, New Day was trounced by FNC’s Fox & Friends and lost to MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

A New Day: a new dud? It could yet be: But, CNN fans are hoping New Day is truly a new dawn. Leading that chorus, former American Morning co-host Kiran Chetry wished her a.m. “successors” well, saying, “Good luck guys!! The hours are a bear… But the experience is priceless. Godspeed!!!”

*New Day – 06/21/13 (@ 5:28/5:49)

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5 Responses to ““New Day”: New Dawn or New Dud?”

  1. Laura Marriot Says:

    The only one I`m not really feeling in this line up is Chris Cuomo.Morning shows are normally lighter in tone and require someone who a bit looser, who isn`t afraid to make a fool of themselves and I`m not sure he really fits the bill.He`s very much the stiff, somewhat serious, anchorman.

  2. Hal Hallwell and Rye Ryrie and Yuri Pobedonostev (Amplified Version) Says:

    How dare you offend the Schizophrenic Community (of whom I, myself, and my other self are all proud members) by your insensitive remark about those ‘sick and tired of the….Early Start…” TV show.

    Unless, of course, you were using Schizophrenic as a complement, in which, you have my (and all of our) blessing.

    So thanks! Or….take a hike! Or….who cares?

  3. fla city Says:

    What’s a BBBW?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    During the first week, Chris got very opinionated and vocal about the Zimmerman trial. That could drive some away. Fox has a big hold on that time slot. Kate is easier on the eye than Gretchen, and not as brassy.

  5. Anne G. Combs Says:

    Various CNN talent ranging from globe-trotting reporter Christiane Amanpour, CNN chief national correspondent, John King and CNN’s chief congressional correspondent, Dana Bash contributed reports that came off as maybe a little too serious for morning TV.

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