Sexy Kimberly Guilfoyle’s “Basic Instinct”

Juan Williams: “Wait! Wait! You’re distracting him!” Saucy Kimberly Guilfoyle scored on more than a few levels with her Five co-hosts and fans in her “bowdlerized” Basic Instinct display of last week. As Kimberly revealed her dominance in b’ball on Friday (06/07/13), she brought “rowwr power” to a whole new level.

In the Five segment designed to showcase the co-anchors shot-making prowess–or lack thereof (a la toddler Titus Ashby’s shellacking of Shaq on Jimmy Kimmel) co-hosts Kimberly, Juan, Eric Bolling, Andrea Tantaros and fill-in Brian Kilmeade took turns at throwing mini-basketballs at a small toy goal.* Starting off their friendly rivalry to see who could score the most points in twenty seconds, Brian supplied several balls to Kimberly. As the short-skirted lovely began to lob them at the basket with much success, Brian scurried to and fro to deliver them back to San Francisco’s comely former first lady.

Clapping enthusiastically, an adoring Juan exclaimed, “Yeah, Kimberly! Oh! Oh! Go, Kimberly, go! Rack ’em up!” As Kimberly eagerly scrambled for the balls and gave viewers and Brian a PG-rated Basic Instinct, she was given more than double the time that she had been actually allotted. As Kimberly began to score with alacrity, literally and figuratively, Five rival beauty Andrea exclaimed, “Who’s keeping score?”

Subsequently, an apparently addled Juan threw more than a few air balls in his ill-fated attempt to match Kimberly. When former Pittsburg Pirate draftee Eric Bolling tried to get his “game on,” comely Kimberly kicked her right gam up Rockette-style. Pointing to his gorgeous colleague, an ardent Juan declared, “Wait! Wait! You’re distracting him! You can’t kick your legs to distract him!”

Apparently, Kimberly must have done so. As Eric completed his feckless effort, Kimberly pulled her hiked skirt back down and raised her hands in triumph, exclaiming, “Oh, yeah! Wooh, hooh!” Subsequently, when Andrea begin her successful distaff attempt, Kimberly shouted, “Go! Girls rule! Yeah!” And, they did.

Futilely, sports guy Brian tried to compete thereafter with little success. When he had finished, he queried, “Do we have a winner, control room?” After the producers seemingly whispered in his ear, Brian declared, “Kimberly and Andrea have tied.” Apparently, abandoning his formerly “so hot” Andrea for the moment, Juan raised Kimberly’s hand high in the air in victory, proclaiming her “the champ.”

Sexy Kimberly Guilfoyle: “The girl [just] can’t help it!”

*The Five – 06/08/13 @5:40 p.m. ET (Saturday re-airing of prior day)

[Author’s aside: Sorry, CR readers for the delay: “Cleaning Out My Closet.”

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17 Responses to “Sexy Kimberly Guilfoyle’s “Basic Instinct””

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Did Juan dribble before he shot?

  2. Cara Miller Says:

    Hmmm.Juan should be more careful, he has quite the history when it comes to salacious comments and inappropriate behavior, dating back to when he worked at the Washington post..

  3. Laura Marriot Says:

    Jessie watters filling in for Clayton today, hope this isn`t going to be a regular thing, can`t stand the guy.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    FYI: Sarah Palin guest hosting F&F tomorrow, how much leg will she flash?
    Will she tone it down ala Martha Mac or gam it up like Gretch, Aly & Anna?
    Hope she torts it up a bit, she’s got the gams to pull it off.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    O k so the women won. Which proves on thing. That women are good at handling balls! :-)

  6. Max H Says:

    A rare misstep by Roger Ailes in re-hiring Sarah Palin.She bought nothing to the table when she was on Fox previously, I guess she just missed the spotlight.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Totally agree, she was a huge let down and to be frank,the woman is just not that bright, Last time she was on Fox they paid her around a million dollars, can`t imagine she`ll be getting that much this time.

  8. Hanna Says:

    Watching her right now.Hmmmmmm.Not impressed.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Smart move by Fox to bring Megyn Kelly in to host F&F on the day CNN launches it`s brand new morning show `New day`.Fight fire with fire.

  10. Matt Carter Says:

    I wonder if Gretchen is off this week or if she has just been replaced by Megyn because the new CNN show starts today and Fox know that she will boost the ratings.If that`s the case, then it speaks volumes about Gretchen`s future on the network.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Gretchen was back today and Palin came across just fine. Haters gonna hate I guess.

  12. Matt Carter Says:

    You don`t think it was strange that Megyn replaced Gretchen, the same day the new CNN morning show started?.I would feel fairly insulted if I was her, she was pretty much cast aside.

  13. walkerny Says:

    what is “Carpe” obsession with FOX news, down to the most trivial thing? Would he claim that the other to-the-left cable news networks are just fine, make no mistakes, and have no issues? That Erin Burnett has never tweeted something stupid or that other news networks don’t trade off their women’s beauty? Last I knew no FOX reporter was found wandering Central Park near naked in S&M garb. Maybe that is your beef, that FOX doesn’t hire obviously gay or at least androgynous male anchors? Other than Morning Joe, I’m waiting for MSNBC’s first STRAIGHT acting male. Just one please, for diversity’s sake. How many hours a day do you sit in your basement obsessing over Fox News?

  14. Mary magdeline Says:

    I have been wondering if Kimberly is trying to score points with the audience by exposing herself?? Not so conservetive for a “conservative” show. I’m surprised that she is not reprimanded by her superiors.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Quiet Mary

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Kimberly is a loose woman and a home-wrecker…..If juan is not careful, he will end up like bob beckel.

  17. Hosea Alshouse Says:


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