Oops! FNC’s Blonde Tweet of the Day [Deleted!]

Anna’s off-teleprompter meme moment. Perhaps, in one of the funniest Fox News faux pas of the day, Fox News correspondent Anna Kooiman Tweeted, “Is the NSA WHISTLEBLOWER a HERO or a TRADER?” Apparently, the poor South Carolina lass was not paying enough attention this afternoon and was simply parroting what she thought was FNC’s query of the day: Actually, it was “Hero or traitor”?

Homophone gaucherie or not, fortunately, for the former Fox & Friends First twin of Ainsley Earhardt, none of her followers had the heart to correct her: But, comically, two of her acolytes did favorite her. Nevertheless, Carpe Diem had to, at least, take note.

Thanks for the laugh, Anna!

[Author’s aside: As this article was being written, Anna deleted her 2:22 p.m. CT Tweet: However, the CD reader can still enjoy that laugh.]

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17 Responses to “Oops! FNC’s Blonde Tweet of the Day [Deleted!]”

  1. Laura Marriot Says:

    Blonde moment, I can relate.

  2. Don Says:

    Exactly, she`s blond. Nothing wrong with that? And a southern bell :-)

  3. Emma Harper Says:

    Poor Anna, not the sharpest knife in the draw is she?.

  4. Don Says:

    Heheheh, guess not. But she don`t have to be.

  5. motownman Says:

    She was corrected several times on Facebook.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Where did she go to college?

  7. motownman Says:

    She is a graduate of North Carolina-Wilmington.

  8. Harlow Ryan Says:

    The new Courtney Friel? (that`s not a compliment).

  9. Hanna Says:

    Fox needs more Brunettes.

  10. Matt Carter Says:

    Yes it does, specifically Maria Molina and Julie Banderas.

  11. Al Says:

    Could simply be that her (not-all-that) smart phone auto-filled with the wrong word.

  12. David Says:

    Many ladies (and some observant men) can tell which women have their hair dyed blonde. I wish a few of the Fox News girls would go back to their natural hair color.

    Lauren Simonetti, Patti Ann Browne, Alicia Acuna, Kimberly Guilfoyle, and Andrea Tantaros are also brunette, and I’m glad these ladies keep their natural hair color.

    I wish Fox News would hire Megan Henderson, who used to be an anchor in Dallas and is now an anchor in Los Angeles.

  13. Valentina Says:

    Just read an extract from Fox mole Joe Muto`s new book, bit disturbed, although not surprised, to find out that women at Fox are encouraged, if not required, to wear short skirts in order to show off their legs.Incredibly sexist, no?.You would think some of the smarter women like Megyn Kelly, Harris etc would rail against this.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Janice Dean is supposed to be a red head. I wish she would go back to her real hair color. Red heads are wild.

  15. gigglebox Says:

    Watching Anna today. she is reading the prompters and really is not interested or knowledgeable on the topics presented. Sorry, but she is looking up at the screen.

  16. Poppy Q Says:

    Anna`s o.k at handling the fluff pieces but I don`t think she has the chops to handle the more serious stories, she always seems a bit out of her depth.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    A lot of southern bells on Fox News. I like :-) Fluff stuff for sure though, for the most part.

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