Flattered Janice: “Fox News Weather Skank”?

Anna Kooiman: “This must have been in your dancing days, Janice!” Fox News meteorologist Janice Dean reminded her fans why they love her this morning: their gorgeous gal is shameless! After a headlines story on the new Universal Studio Simpsons theme park opening this summer in Orlando, FL, Janice proudly revealed, “A little known fact, years ago on the Simpsons, they actually referenced a Fox News weather girl, and at the time, I was the only news weather girl. I believe the line was something like, ‘This coffee is hotter than a Fox News weather lady but the word lady wasn’t used: It was something that was a little bit more, uh, not morning show friendly.”*

“Risque?,” chuckled fill-in Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Anna Kooiman. As fellow guest co-host Mike Jerrick nodded, “I hear you,” co-anchor Clayton Morris asked, “Were you flattered?” Without answering, FNC meteorologist Janice Dean declared, “You could probably Google it.” Grinning and shimmying in her seat, Anna replied, “This must have been in your dancing days, Janice!”

Correcting Anna’s inadvertent slight subtly, Clayton interjected, “Which still are going on.” Appreciatively, a smiling Anna concurred, “Well, true!”

For those, who missed that Simpsons episode “lauding” JD, the self-dubbed “Dancing Machine,” Janice teased, “But, one of these days, I will add it on to my resume tape.”

Unfortunately, Janice did not reveal her salty Simpsons moniker today: However, she frankly disclosed it in her FoxNews.com blog post titled, “Hotter than a Fox News Weather Blank…” on November 23, 2007. In that article, she wrote, “I was…reminded of a line off that show that many Simpsons fans have since referenced in my presence (mainly my little brother!). It was a few years ago and at the time I was strangely flattered…Here’s the line: ‘Careful. It’s hotter than a Fox News weather skank.'” Proudly, she added, “It’s pretty funny. I think that I have it on tape somewhere.”

Unfortunately, the author has not found that Simpsons tape yet, Janice. But, please post it: your F&FW fans would love to see it!

*Fox & Friends Weekend – 05/25/13 (@ 7:37 a.m. ET)

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24 Responses to “Flattered Janice: “Fox News Weather Skank”?”

  1. Tara Says:

    Does anyone else think it`s unfair that Janice is now working weekends instead of the relative newcomer Maria Molina?.I`m not sure Maria has really paid her due`s yet.

  2. Daniel O`Connor Says:

    Janice is great and it`s nice seeing more of her at the weekend but yeah, they seem to be fast tracking Maria.I think Fox maybe see her graduating to an reporter or anchor role eventually.She does seem to be the new golden girl.

  3. Anna Says:

    Unusual for a non blonde to prosper at Fox.

  4. Nixon Says:

    Janice’s reduced presence may have more to do with her health (she has MS), than some grand plan to push Maria Molina forward.

  5. Tara Says:

    I know Janice has M.S but that does`nt really explain her move to weekends as she is still doing the same amount of hours it seems, just on different days.I just think it`s a bit unfair.

  6. frannie Says:

    Janice alsp has 2 young children and a fireman husband. Some women work weekends because it is eeasier to schedule childcare with spouse and family…. sometimes there is no conspiracy

  7. Cara Miller Says:

    With the exception of Greta(sorry), every single woman at Fox is hot/attractive .This seems to be an absolute necessity in the news business, yet male anchors/reporters on the whole, are allowed to be unattractive, bland, overweight , bald and generally unappealing.It`s an incredibly sexist industry.

  8. Don Says:

    I vaguely remember that Simpsons episode. Was it skank? Janice is a red head. Why do they force her to dye her hair?

  9. Laura Says:

    Agree about the male anchors, where are all the hot guys on Fox?.Women want some eye candy too.

  10. gigglebox Says:

    Was Janice Dean the one who was replaced by Maria? I thought there was someone else, too. Who is the weather person in the afternoons?

  11. Anonymous Says:

    It`s just Janice, Maria and Rick.

  12. Arielle Says:

    I guess Bill Hemmer is the closest thing Fox has to a hot guy, although he does nothing for me, too bland.

  13. frustrated fox fan Says:

    Hemmer`s boring, Shep is an orange faced weirdo, John Scott is the most forgettable man on T.V and don`t get me started on Brian, Steve, Greg Jarrett etc.James Rosen and Casey Stegall are the only half way decent looking men on Fox.Roger Ailes is missing a trick, he`s so focused on providing attractive women for male viewers he`s forgotten about the female viewers.You really think the likes of Alan Colmes and Judge Nap do it for us Roger?.

  14. Don Says:

    ( Frustrated) You don`t like Jon Scott!?!? You sure are picky!

    How-bout secret agent, CIA, James Bond man, Mike Baker!? Does he do it for you!?!?

  15. frustrated fox fan Says:

    Mike Baker isn`t bad, but you have to admit, it`s slim pickings for female Fox fans.

  16. Don Says:

    (Frustrated) I suppose. But lets face it it`s a mans world. Which means plenty for us few for you women :-)

  17. frustrated fox fan Says:

    Nope.It`s not a man`s world, we just let you think it is.

  18. Don Says:

    (Frustrated) Hehheh, You might just have a point there. As there always seems to be a woman behind the man :-)

  19. Ray Says:

    Who did Janice Dean replace? If I remember right, she was fired because of something she said on air.

  20. Don Says:

    I didn’t know Janice replaced anyone? People come and go from news? But i do know she`s a red head. And red heads are wild! “The drapes don`t match the rug…no” LOL :-)

  21. Anonymous Says:

    I can’t remember who she replaced but I do remember that she was fired for something she said on air. I don’t think Janice was expecting to take over because she was looking a lot “rougher” than she does currently. Hair wasn’t professionally done and wasn’t big on make up. She’s come a long way though in spite of her health issues.

  22. linda mervar Says:

    mike baker is gorgeous; ;so gorgeous id go out with him in a minute and im a gay woman that sense of humor chiseled face sexy every thing else. .spoke with him on talk show a couple years ago asked him if it was harder for him to work undercover being so gorgeous ? ? he laughed and answered like a gentleman thanks for calling in sis ha guess im out of the damn gay club now . . I want all my pix back all of them you know which ones I mean over and out call me mike linda from Menlo park

  23. Anus Says:


    Flattered Janice:

  24. Whore Says:


    Flattered Janice:

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