Terse Gretch Explains Absence

“I’m glad to be back here today.” Fox & Friends co-anchor Gretchen Carlson seemed rather defensive this morning about her absence yesterday from F&F‘s Boston Marathon tragedy special edition. Appearing eager to explain America Live‘s Megyn Kelly‘s appearance on the curvy couch in her place, Gretchen got straight to the point as soon as the show started.

After the obligatory¬†opening teases for the program, Gretchen solemnly said, “Welcome, everyone. Good to be back.” As her co-hosts Brian Kilmeade and Steve Doocy looked at her with stone faces, a seemingly agitated Gretchen declared, “Unfortunately, I was on an airplane when all of this happened in Boston and could not get from the West Coast. I’m glad to be back here today.” In response, Steve stayed strangely silent and Brian simply said, “Yeah.”

Yeah. Sounds like someone may have heard the scuttlebutt. Or, read Carpe Diem yesterday.

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12 Responses to “Terse Gretch Explains Absence”

  1. mediaho Says:

    I’ve read speculation on other blogs that Gretchen is haggling with Fox for her own solo gig . She is stagnating on F&F, can’t blame her for wanting to branch out and seek a new challenge. Don’t know what her contract status is with Fox. She went to college on the west coast, so it ‘s likely she still has friends and colleagues there, also I believe she has a home in Arizona. Hope things work out for her, I like Gretchen.

  2. AAP (@TheRealAAP) Says:

    Its time for Gretchen to get her own show and get away from “Beavis Killmeade and Butthead Doocy. She is much smarter than either.

  3. gigglebox Says:

    I watch fox all the time, but I think that Gretchen is really boring. I think that Brian Kilmeade annoys her. In some ways, their show does deserve the mocking that it receives on SNL, and I hate SNL’s attitude about many things. I think that Brian is not that sharp either; they seem to put up with him. Tucker Carlson is the one who should be on every day. He and Aly and Clayton are wonderful and very astute.

  4. victoria kinsella (@victoriakinsel3) Says:

    I wish to god Megyn would fill in for Gretchen every day, the chemistry between Brian, Steve and Gretchen is non existant, Move Ali and Clayton to weekdays (without Tucker), Brian can go work at Fox sport, Steve can do the weekend gig and dump Gretchen.Who would want to watch a show anchored by her alone?.

  5. Al Says:

    I think that Brian Kilmeade annoys her.

    If he does annoy her then she’s a fantastic actress. Carlson has long been a regular guest and frequent sub-host of Kilmeade & Friends on the radio. Their banter can be quite funny and she says some pretty nice things about him. Apparently their families hang out together on occasion.

    I stopped watching F&F a long time ago.

  6. Arielle Says:

    No way are Fox going to give Gretchen her own show, she`s no Megyn Kelly, not even in the same league.

  7. gigglebox Says:

    Where is Shepard smith during the Boston coverage?

  8. Arielle Says:

    Bill Hemmer is doing a fantastic job covering the situation in Boston.Why is Roger Ailes so blinkered when it comes to Shepard Smith?, it is obvious to everyone but him that Bill should take over the Fox report.Shepard can go to MSNBC or some local Oxford station.

  9. Mitch Says:

    Where has Shepard Smith been? They took away his afternoon show. I

  10. Violet Says:

    Feel bad for Bill Hemmer.He did a great job anchoring in Boston then Shepard Smith swoops in and steals his glory at the last minute.Unfair.I

  11. gigglebox Says:

    There was actually a blonde female on CNN wringing her hands over possible hate crimes. They are always more worried about the terrorists than they victims.

  12. David Says:

    I recall a few years ago Fox News was doing some shuffling around with their female anchors. With Megyn Kelly being pregnant, Fox News viewers may see Martha MacCallum, Alysin Camerota, Gretchen Carlson, Heather Childress, and a few others taking turns for each other.

    A few years ago, Molly Lime, Juliet Huddy, and Ainsley Earhardt were frequent anchors of Fox and Friends weekend, because Alysin Camerota was doing quite a bit of filling in on weekdays for Megyn Kelly.

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