“I’m Alisyn Camerota”: Gretchen Who?

“Gretchen is off this week and Aly is in her spot.” Thus, Fox & Friends co-anchor Steve Doocy explained yesterday the latest absence of co-host Gretchen Carlson, who has reportedly been haggling with FNC for her own show.*  However, today, without any mention of filling in for Gretchen, guest co-anchor Alisyn Camerota introduced herself at the start of each hour simply saying, “I’m Alisyn Camerota.” Noteworthy? Perhaps.

As Gretchen absences seem more and more oft, Fox & Friends fans may be forgiven for wondering if FNC Executive VP of Programming Bill Shine is auditioning vixens anew for the center seat on the curvy couch. Monday, Fox & Friends First co-host Ainsley Earhardt made an appearance; Tuesday, Anna Kooiman, the former F&FF co-anchor who has suddenly enjoyed a significant presence on F&F (corresponding with the one-year anniversary of the latest iteration of F&FF which she and Ainsley christened together).* Yesterday and today, Aly, the consummate center F&F curvy couch co-anchor, took “Gretchen’s place” not only without a hitch but took it up a notch as usual.

If Gretchen does leave her seat on the F&F shared sofa for her own FNC chair, it seems obvious that Aly would be the natural choice. But, Anna appears to be the “wild card”: She’s smart, beautiful, and, oh, so ENERGETIC–and F&F wants its viewers to get to know her better:  Lately, it has proudly showcased her on a very regular basis, e.g., as the sexy “turbo kickingteacher [vid]; the sensual Cirque du Soleil acrobat; and as the fearless five-city reporter in search of an “honest man.”

Nevertheless, the author tends to think that the more seasoned Aly is and would continue to be a natural fit with the weekday A-Team of Steve and Brian Kilmeade. As for Anna? She certainly would serve as a sexy, sharp, spunky F&F Weekend co-host to contrast with the ever awkward Tucker Carlson and “tech geek” Clayton Morris if Aly moves up when Gretch moves out.

*Fox & Friends – 03/20/13 (@ 8:01 a.m. ET)

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14 Responses to ““I’m Alisyn Camerota”: Gretchen Who?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Gretch, has been having tennis elbow problems. Would not surprise me, if she was off having something done.

  2. Tvwatcher Says:

    Gretch, has been having tennis elbow problems. Would not surprise me, if she was off having something done.

  3. Steve Says:

    Please don’t tease me with thoughts of Hag Carlson leaving. What a happy day that would be.

  4. Tvwatcher Says:

    I doubt if she leaving. F@F rating would go down. Somebody said the other day, they thought they saw somebody that looks like,
    Gretchen Carlson, with her arm in a cast.Which made me thinks it has to do with her elbow.

  5. Mark Says:

    I truly hope we have seen the last of Gretchen Carlson. Ally is a perfect fit for the F&Fs time slot.

    Gretchen could never handle a serious breaking news day without breaking down in tears and/or asking a ckueless question. She also could not stay toe to toe with Brian’s humorous
    banter and side bar stye quips.

    Fox is a number one cable news show despite GC being on it. With Ally in the middle of the couch it will maintain that position and add to the credibility factor.
    It will be so nice to see a bimbo free tv screen as i get ready to head out the door between 5-7:45am ct
    each weekday morning.

    If Fox postures around by trotting out leggy model types that have no journalistic depth rather than just installing Ally in the position I will be extremely annoyed.

  6. motownman Says:

    Anna has a bright future at Fox. She’s what they wanted Courtney Friel to be.

  7. cathy807 Says:

    Have often wondered how long it would take the powers that be to realise that Aly is the natural fit for the weekday show

  8. frannie Says:

    Gretchen is done and Alisyn it should be…and out of the group that does that shrieky am preshow… Anna has proved herself in every area.. she is smart and likeable.. Heather Nauert is constantly tripping over her tongue and the other Heather needs to get those nasal polyps removed… Ainsley is a good bench second string player..all IMO

  9. Anonymous Says:

    I wouldn’t read too much into Gretchen being out. Martha & Jenna were absent Friday too.

  10. Amber Says:

    I hope to god they get rid of that stepford wife Gretchen and replace her with Alisyn.

  11. Virginia Says:

    Do not like Alisyn, never have. She is so full of herself. Gret is awesome, she relates to us ladies, and does not put up with anyones BS. I don’t watch when Alisyn is on, she’s is so fake with her pouty lips.

  12. Nancy Austell Langley Says:

    OMG – Please get rid of Gretchen — it’s ALL about her – I’m sick of the way she treats Steve – she ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT engage Steve at all!! I’ve been a loyal fan of this show for probably 13 years and I just cannot stand her – she’s got that “holier than thou” crap going on – please let Ali take her place – she is awesome! Steve and Brian ROCK!

  13. Laurie Says:

    I love the idea said below of Aly taking the weekdays and Ana going to weekend. Time for Gretchen to go. I just hope they don’t give her the time slot that Megyn is leaving!

  14. Anonymous Says:

    anna could take over for Gretchen….plus anna’s legs are so much more beautiful,,,,

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