Laurie Dhue: “For the Record”

“Restoration of [Laurie’s] journalism [career]”? Today, TheBlaze TV announced that it will premier a new series entitled For the Record tomorrow. With a teaser video featuring former Fox News anchor Laurie Dhue, it proclaimed, “The restoration of journalism has begun.” Strangely, TheBlaze TV did not mention Laurie by name in either its promo print or its introductory vid.

Perhaps, after a five-year absence from anchoring a cable news program, the erstwhile FNC/CNN/MSNBC host is making a stealthy return to television journalism. In fact, she herself has neither Tweeted nor FaceBooked publicly her appearance on the premier of For the Record tomorrow. Nevertheless, in a premature update without a citation, Laurie’s Wikipedia page declares, “Laurie Dhue began hosting ‘For the Record’ on the new media channel ‘The Blaze’ on March 13, 2013.”

For the Record: TheBlaze TV’s “Dhue point”?

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7 Responses to “Laurie Dhue: “For the Record””

  1. David Says:

    The blaze is Glenn Becks pay per view internet setup. Hardly a return to television journalism.

  2. Al Says:

    It’s a job and not at all surprising that Beck would be the guy to give her the chance.

  3. jakeho Says:

    David, Beck’s Dish Network deal should land Dhue’s “For the Record” on cable TV there on channel 212.



  4. jakeho Says:

    Al, Laurie should end up on Dish Network 212: Cf. links, infra. Re Beck, you’re right: I’m sure that he can fully empathize with her struggle to regain her footing.

  5. rm1776 Says:

    Hey better go watch the program before you open your mouth about the blaze..she takes down Bush AND Obama..with facts..we have LOST the 4th amendment to our constitution..I voted for Bush twice ..MY fault….But you probably voted for Obama..YOUR fault..if you see it you will absolutely understand what the blaze is all about,,,YOUR FREEDOM….Its a fact ..not fantasy..

  6. Rich Says:

    Glenn also has the freedom to tell all the truth. He started losing the ability at Fox News. Murdock started backing him down after the scandal involving Murdock Brit. company. He also very smartly got out of New Jack City. The studios at las Colinas gives him rooooom to grow.

  7. BrettOrata Says:

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