Aphrodite Nicole Petallides: Woman of the Year!

FBN correspondent and Greek goddess Nicole Petallides was feted as “Woman of the Year” according to the Hellenic Medical Society of New York on March 3. In a brief Facebook post (with a fab photo of the long-tressed, long-legged lovely in a dazzling  off-the-shoulders, form-fitting purple dress), HMSNY announced that Nicole had been so designated by the Cypriot Women’s Issues Network (and it’s Dr. Florentia Christodoulou). Unfortunately, it provided no further details as to Nicole’s accolades on its site for the sexy siren’s FB/FNC followers or her FBN fans: Hopefully, they will soon be forthcoming.

Congratulations, Nicole!

H/t J$P!

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One Response to “Aphrodite Nicole Petallides: Woman of the Year!”

  1. Lynn Krill Says:

    Congratulations Nicole on being named “Woman of the Year.” Greece should be very proud of how you have represented their great heritage. Thank-you Greece for sharing your Greek Goddess with us.

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