Huddy’s New “Hubby”?

Juliet: “I can’t even deal with [his absence] for three days!” On post-Thanksgiving Friday, Fox & Friends guest co-host, cougar Juliet Huddy, appeared to inadvertently announce that she has pounced anew. Introducing her segment with Donna Lyons (co-author of Now You Tell Me! 12 Army Wives Give the Best Advice They Never Got), Juliet hypothetically said, “It would be so difficult to deal with my husband going away, going off to war or just…going out of the country for six months.”* Then, surprisingly, empathetically, she added, “I can’t even deal with it for, you know, for three days!” Has FNC’s fave thrice-wed femme fatale thrown herself into the connubial fray yet again?

If so, to whom? Juliet’s latest love has been her “beau John Jordan,” Jordan Winery scion [Tweet now deleted]. To wit, during this year’s Kentucky Derby weekend with Jordan in the first week of May, Juliet was seen sporting seemingly connubial bling on her ring finger (left hand). Unfortunately, approximately four months later, the handwriting seemed to be on the wall: when a Twitter follower praised the plane for which she had posed (heading for Jordan’s Sonoma winery), she acerbically snarked, “Hate small planes. But looking forward to making it Napa to check out some new wineries. Once you’ve seen one, move along…” Perhaps, more telling, the next day, when asked if she were married, she animatedly answered, “No, but happily, very happily single!”

If not Jordan, whom? Her self-professed “tv husband”? When one Twitter acolyte asked, “Are you and steve lacy …dating,” she exclaimed, “No dating! But I know deep down @stevenlacy is madly in love with me.” Reveling in her cougar rep, she added, “He’s much too young for me lol.”

Your “word,” Juliet?

*Fox & Friends – 11/23/12 (@ 7:25 a.m. ET)

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