CNN’s Rob Marciano Moves On, Too (to ET)

“[S]ad…but very pumped.” Today, CNN meteorologist Rob Marciano announced that he is leaving Ted Turner’s erstwhile crown jewel for greener pastures. In a Facebook post this afternoon, he said, “Definitely sad to be leaving my CNN family in January, but very pumped for the new gig co-hosting Entertainment Tonight with @NancyOdell. Wow!”

The former ivory Adonis of American Morning follows his fellow colleagues, ebony twin T. J. Holmes (BET), “voice of god” John Roberts (FNC), and AM Aphrodite Kiran Chetry (TBA) into the CNN sunset. For whilom AM fans, who still appreciate a fresh, irreverent perspective, Rob seems to be the last one waving the proverbial flag on the new CNN morning shows, Early Start and Starting Point. And, now he, too, is heading for the exit.

A sad day for Rob. And, his CNN fans. Not to mention, poor Zoraida Sambolin who is losing her “Senor Dreamy.”

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2 Responses to “CNN’s Rob Marciano Moves On, Too (to ET)”

  1. Olivia R. Lemelle Says:

    I will miss Rob. The “very best” report I ever heard was his telling us about feeding a pelican I believe, after the BP oil spill. Putting his hand down the throat of this beautiful animal to try to save its’ life…well, you could feel the awesomeness of doing this in Rob’s voice. The “very best”.

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