Kiran: “Not the Whole Story by Any Means”

Inquisitr snark : It appears Kiran Chetry is still waiting for that “special opportunity.” Foxy former CNN American Morning co-anchor Kiran Chetry seemed more than a mite miffed yesterday at little known author Nathan Francis who penned a strangely-timed, snippy piece entitled, “Kiran Chetry Still Waiting for Her Big Return to Television.” In a Tweet to her Twitter followers, Kiran linked to Francis’ story that claimed that she had not left CNN on “exactly amicable” terms and that derided her subsequent work, declaring, “Not the whole story by any means.”

Indeed. In Francis’ article almost two months after the one year anniversary of Kiran’s tearful namaskaar to CNN for a “very special opportunity,” Francis alleged that she had left on not “exactly amicable terms,” inanely citing her infamous on-air “scolding” by her then co-host John Roberts. Perhaps, the new writer at Inquitr forgot–if he ever knew–that it was Roberts who left AM shortly thereafter, and Kiran stayed on to be an anchor of CNN EVP Ken Jautz’s “right ‘American family.'”

Furthermore, Francis took his bizarre broadsides to Kiran and her work after CNN on E! News as a special correspondent and a GBTV guest anchor. Re Kiran in her red carpet reportage of the New York City premier of Smash, he sniped, ” [A] former Fox News reporter [who] found her way back onto television in January.”As to her engaging GBTV gig, he caviled, “[B]arely warrant[ing] a mention on Media Bistro…leaving fans who wanted to see her return to television disappointed.” Caustically, he concluded, “It appears Kiran Chetry is still waiting for that ‘special opportunity.'”

Actually, as the author noted over two months ago in Carpe Diem‘s “Kiran: A Year Later,” Kiran has seized her “very special opportunity” on a profoundly personal level. And, it is her faithful fans who are “still waiting for that ‘special opportunity'” for her professionally. As to Francis’ froth, as Oscar Wilde once said, “The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.”

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