Brian: Kooiman, I’m Better at Screwing Than You!

Blushing Anna Kooiman: “Get out! Get out!” Today, Fox & Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade may have taken his James Bond fantasy a bit too far on air. Yesterday, he proudly proclaimed himself a virtual 007 with “the fancy car” and “the beautiful women, ” not to mention a newly acquired  jet-pack expertise [on his Tampa vid (via J$P) during RNC last week]. Hoping to prove his Irish/Italian machismo anew during the DNC this week, Brian challenged his beautiful blond FNC colleague, Anna Kooiman, to a drag race on the Charlotte Motor Speedway in her hometown: But, that sweet Southern belle was not about to let him have a victory on her turf. Nevertheless, in true Fleming fashion, the boy got the girl in the end–in a fashion, to her chagrin.

In Anna’s first-hour visit on the curvy couch with the F&F co-hosts, Brian teased her report on NASCAR, saying, “They [NASCAR] even gave us the keys to their cars at the Charlotte Motor Speedway.” Subsequently, Anna aired footage of her interviewing CMS CEO and President Marcus Smith; of her taking a scary ride with a driver on the track; and of her beginning to race a cocksure Brian (adorned in full NASCAR regalia).

When Anna’s video ended with Anna and Brian’s speeding off into the distance, co-anchor Steve Doocy asked, “And, who’s the winner?” Raising her arms in triumph, a chuckling Anna chimed, “Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding! Reddening, Brian admitted, “Alright, she definitely beat me!…She averaged 89 miles an [sic] hour: I averaged 75 miles an [sic] hour.” Elaborating, Anna said that she thought Brian was playing a joke on her and that she offered him a rematch but a sudden pouring rain precluded one.

But, Brian did get, at least, a measure of revenge. In the final hour of F&F, he took Anna on in the NASCAR Hall of Fame Pit Crew Challenge (“tire change” which included unscrewing and screwing bolts).* After easily finishing first, Brian walked over to Anna and knelt down beside her as she tried vainly to complete the contest. Taunting her, Brian bawdily teased, “Kooiman, give it up! Face it: I am better at screwing than you!” Reddening in chagrin, Anna smilingly exclaimed, “Noooo! No!”

Subsequently, admitting defeat for the moment, Anna challenged Brian to a future rematch in New York City. After he agreed to a tie-breaker, he tossed back to his amused co-hosts, Steve and Gretchen Carlson. Almost flustered, Gretchen chortled, “Brian, the only thing I remember from that whole thing right there was just what you said just two seconds ago.” Feigning ignorance, a beaming Brian deadpanned, “That we’re one-and-one lifetime against each other.”

Blushing all the more, Anna interjected, “Right!” Shaking her head in disagreement, Gretchen laughed, “No!” Putting her hand frantically to her throat (as if cutting it repeatedly) in a hopeful plea to F&F‘s producer, a fully flushed Anna implored, “Get out! Get out!” When the cam mercifully began to pan out, Anna, embarrassed, pulled her head back in almost utter disbelief.

Welcome to Brian’s wacky world, Anna!

*Fox & Friends – 09/05/12 (@ 8:47 a.m. ET)

Update: Kilmeade/Kooiman Pit Crew Challenge video via J$P. H/t, Johnny Dollar!

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