“Free P*ssy” Penalty: Bob Beckel Apologizes

“I’m very sorry….I’m gonna be quiet now.” Today, The Five co-host Bob Beckel apologized for his “foul” mouth and announced that he would be having the day off tomorrow because of it. As Carpe Diem reported Monday, an apoplectic Bob incoherently stammered “free, pre p*ssy” when he was defending President Obama’s purported disdain for his GOP opponent Mitt Romney. (A day later, after reviewing Johnny Dollar’s video of the incident, HuffPo aptly opined that Bob was “referring to…Reince Preibus,” the GOP National Chairman.)

This afternoon, during the final Five segment, a chastened Bob declared, “My ‘one more thing’ is to say, ‘I’m off tomorrow and that’s going to make me happy and…a lot of conservatives out there happy. I need a break because lately on this show…my mouth has been moving a little bit too much and sometimes dumb things–which is surprising for a MENSA guy–comes [sic] out of it.”

As his co-host Eric Bolling laughed off camera, Bob continued, “Last night when I was checking Twitter, I saw that some people out there were offended by something I said.”

Then, raising his palms in a mea culpa, Bob declared, “Now, I’m not going to say it again but I want to say to those who were offended, ‘I’m very sorry.’ That’s the last you’re going to hear that. I’m going to be quiet now.” Announcing anew Fox News’ apparent one-day sanction, Bob added, “I’ll see you on Friday.”

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8 Responses to ““Free P*ssy” Penalty: Bob Beckel Apologizes”

  1. GIGIGIRL Says:

    Can’t believe Beckel is in MENSA! How could we check the veracity of that instead of just taking his word for it? He needs to producer hisd membership card. . . all these libs don’t seem to want to produce documentation. . .LOL.

  2. “Free…P*ssy”: Beckel Apologizes to GOP Chairman « Carpe Diem Says:

    […] way. Today, The Five co-host Bob Beckel returned to FNC’s hit show after serving an apparent one-day suspension for calling GOP National Chairmain Reince Preibus a “free…p*ssy” Monday. In an […]

  3. “Free…P*ssy”: Beckel Apologizes to GOP Chair « Carpe Diem Says:

    […] way. Today, The Five co-host Bob Beckel returned to FNC’s hit show after serving an apparent one-day suspension for calling GOP National Chairmain Reince Preibus a “free…p*ssy” Monday. In an […]

  4. Linda Smith Says:

    I think Bob BECKLE would do better if he went back to being an alcoholic. That’s the kind of foul mouthed talk I had
    To listen
    To from an abusive and
    Alcoholic father until I left home at the
    Age of 16. If this is his sober talk I know the GUTTER BORN language of his Drunkenness, This just the kind
    Of talk HUSSIEN NEEDS TO insure defeat in Novembet’nnnn

  5. Wayne Wilhelm Says:

    I briefly heard my wife exclaim that Bob Beckel let slip that he was a member of Mensa. My first thought is how long has he been a member? When I first heard of Mensa, a friend told me he qualified but refused to join. He complained that most Mensans tend to be liberals (progressives in today’s terminology.)

    After frequenting a Mensan forum for a while, I would tend to agree. However, there are ‘some’ conservative Mensans. If Bob Beckel is indeed a member, then that’s proof not all Mensans are supporters of Obama. However, there are only aprox. 50,000 members nationwide. Since Mensa requires a person to have an IQ in the upper 2% in order to qualify for membership; with a U.S. population exceeding 300 Million, there should be at least 6 Million people who qualify for membership. Where’s the other 5,950,000 qualified people?

    Regardless, if Beckel is indeed a member of Mensa, I’d like to say, “Welcome.”

  6. Wayne Wilhelm Says:

    Oops. I stated Beckel was a conservative. I meant to type ‘progressive.’

  7. Jenny Says:

    Beckel is as dumb as a bag of rocks. I would bet money on the fact that once again he is lying.

  8. Heather Says:

    Mensa member? LOL He’s a idiot. He can’t even form a sentence. He has a BA liberal arts…..I will bet my net worth that he is once again lying.

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