Apoplectic Bob Beckel: “Free…P*ssy”

Eric Bolling: “Let’s move on.” Let’s not: If it were free, The Five co-host Bob Beckel might make for a much less colorful “Smoking Gun” Democratic rogue. But, fear not! The bad boy of FNC can not or will not keeps his wild ways under control.

Less than four months ago, Bob went off with an “f” bomb inadvertently on Hannity. In what he deemed an off-air moment, he lambasted a conservative panelist, saying, “You don’t know what the f**k you’re talking about.” When host Sean Hannity apprised him that they were live, Bob appeared to be in a state of disbelief. Finally, coming to his senses, Bob groused that he was going to be fired after the show.

Bob was not. But, today, he pushed the envelope even further. In a segment including President Barack Obama’s purported disdain for his GOP opponent Mitt Romney (“no g**damned war hero”) as noted by Politico‘s Mike Allen, co-host Eric caustically queried, “Bob, should President Obama be taking shots at Mitt Romney’s military service when…the guy never picked up a gun, pulled the trigger of…blew anyone away? Oh, wait a minute, that’s right, he shot bin Laden, right!”*

After initially calling into question Allen’s assertion, Bob remarked, “Does he [President Obama] not like Mitt Romney?…When he started out, he said [that] he was neutral about Mitt Romney. And, frankly, so was I. I thought he was a nice guy.”

Elaborating, Bob remarked, “I’ve come to believe [that] he is a terrible, uh, a terrible–I won’t say liar because I won’t, because I don’t want to diminish myself down where Republicans [are].

Unfortunately, continuing, a suddenly incoherent Bob stammered, “Or, free, pre p*ssy, for proof of pre pro puss. Excuse me! Pre puss.”

Throwing him a lifeline, Eric mercifully interjected, “Let’s move on.” Bemused, co-anchor Andrea Tantaros beamed broadly and shook her head at Bob latest blooper. Meanwhile, co-host Kimberly Guilfoyle laughed heartily as she hid her face in her hands.

Babbling Bob: a sight to behold–for better or for worse.

*The Five – 08/06/12 (@ 5:07 p.m. ET)

Update: Vid (courtesy of J$P).

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5 Responses to “Apoplectic Bob Beckel: “Free…P*ssy””

  1. fla city Says:

    Bob stays true to form.Wonder how much longer they will let this @#*$ slide.Bob makes the show interesting no doubt bout that

  2. jenny Says:

    How can Fox even leave this moron on? Is there no liberal they can get to fill the spot? How about Juan Williams?

    Bob blabbers and interrupts non stop and lies and no one corrects him. Yesterday he interrupted and spewed out that Obama grew up in poverty. Kimberly interjected that he went to one of the top schools in the nation and Bob cut her off and said the only reason he went to that school was from a scholarship. THAT IS A COMPLETE LIE!!!! He lived with his Grandmother who was t he vice president of Bank of Hawaii and she paid for him to attend Punahou Academy. At the time it was $19,000 a yr. He did not have any scholarships. Even in his book he said he was barely getting by.

    Bob lies, and no on corrects him. He monopolizes the converstations and slings rude, crass derogatory comments for 1 hr and Fox lets him get away with it.

    He needs to GO!!!

  3. Don Says:

    Gotta be all those hot women on the panel of 5. Guess we all know what Beckel really has on his mind when he`s sitting there!

    But who can blame him? Except for those who have better control than a loud mouth Liberal like him.

    P.S. love dem legs! :-)

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  5. “Free…P*ssy”: Beckel Apologizes to GOP Chair « Carpe Diem Says:

    […] after serving an apparent one-day suspension for calling GOP National Chairmain Reince Preibus a “free…p*ssy” Monday. In an “ad lib” during an “Obama vs. Romney” discussion segment, Bob […]

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