Sarah Palin: Dick “Never Misfires”

Greta: “He’s not afraid to say things about the women.” Former Vice President Dick Cheney got “b*tch slapped” tonight on On the Record for his dis of the former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as a “mistake” re her selection by 2008 Republican nominee John McCain as his running mate–by both Palin and host Greta Van Susteren. As if the blow-back from his daughter Liz were not enough for the “best VP ever.”

During her interview of Palin, Van Susteren gave the GOP base fave a chance to hit back hard at the Bush establishment’s Darth Vader. She asked, “Dick Cheney…said some words that he didn’t think that you were a particularly good choice 2008….Your response to Dick Cheney?”*

Grimacing and arching her eyebrows, Palin inhaled deeply and caustically said, “Well, seeings how Dick there.” Appearing to feign to catch herself in reverence for her ailing elder, Palin sarcastically continued, “Excuse me, Vice President Cheney never misfires, then evidently he’s quite convinced that what he had evidently read about me by the lame stream media…what I believe is a false narrative…and that’s a shame so he characterized me as being a mistake.”

Sympathetically, Van Susteren acerbically added, “I might note that Vice President Cheney took a little bit of a slap at Condaleeza Rice in his book, saying she got all teared up….He’s not afraid to say things about the women.”

And, these women are not afraid to say things back about “the man.”

*On the Record with Greta Van Susteren – 07/31/12 (@10:07 a.m. ET)

Update: Vid via

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5 Responses to “Sarah Palin: Dick “Never Misfires””

  1. semby Says:

    Palin and Rice are not nearly as competent as Cheney who is one of our finest public servants. I mean really they could not even hold a candle to him.
    Why must Palin be so angry; give up the act Sarah and get a life.

  2. jerziegrl Says:

    Enough of the Palin worship Greta! We get that your hubs was consulting or whatever for the Palin’s. But everytime someone says something mean about her you don’t need to have her on the show to dispute their claims.

  3. mediaho Says:

    “Never misfires”?, as I recall Cheney accidentally shot his hunting partner.

  4. tedcohen Says:

    did we all catch the “dick misfires” analogy?

    it refers subliminally to big dick’s shooting his friend in the face during his ill-fated bird-hunting outing.

    good for sarah!

  5. glorybe1929 Says:

    tedcohen…you got the whole ball of wax. Palin is so smart most Demos.
    don’t get her.

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