Dana Perino: “Little Hooters”

“I would never get a job at [Hooters].” The Five co-host Dana Perino showed her saltier side early this week: on Tuesday, President Bush’s rather prim and proper Press Secretary discussed her less than bountiful bosom with uncharacteristic aplomb.* Bawdily, she posited that she could not get a job at Hooters but that she could–at Little Hooters.

During a Five segment Tuesday (transcript), the co-anchors Dana, Greg Gutfeld, Bob Beckel, Andrea Tantaros, and Eric Bolling conversed about a coffee chain being investigated for hiring mainly nubile beauties. As they spoke of various businesses doing likewise, Greg teased Dana, asking, “Dana, unlike me, you’re not gorgeous: Do you feel like you’ve lost out on many TV jobs because of this?”

Self-deprecatingly, Dana riposted, “Let’s give another example–Hooters: I would never get a job there. And there’s a reason.”

Feigning ignorance, Greg impishly replied, “I can’t even ask why.”

Seemingly, somewhat piqued at Greg’s impertinence, Dana responded, “We all know why. Okay? And, I wouldn’t apply either.”

When it was co-host Bob Beckel’s turn to weigh in on the “hotness” hiring controversy, of course, the old goat had to rib Dana all the more: he racily insisted, “Dana, you could have gotten [sic] hired at Hooters if you wanted to.”

Jauntily, Dana rejoined, “Little Hooters.”**

Dana, “Little Hooters”? Maybe. But, you are proving yourself to be one big hoot.

[Author’s aside: When the segment began to conclude, co-anchor Eric Bolling aptly added, “The only thing that’s worthy to get pick[ed] up on by media is ‘I could work at Little Hooters.'”]

*Red Eye – 07/24/12 (approximately 3:35 a.m. ET)

**N.B. LexisNexis News improperly attributes the “Little Hooters” remark to Andrea. However, its transcript evinces the error as it subsequently details Greg’s reply, “That sounds like a restaurant for kids” and Dana’s facetious response, “That’s what I meant.” Furthermore, the Five footage will reflect that fact.

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8 Responses to “Dana Perino: “Little Hooters””

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Little Hooters is a prude, she refuses to sit in the “leg chair”, perhaps she’s self conscious about her gams too?
    She needn’t be though, her legs are fine, we would like to see them more often. Perhaps she doesn’t want to labeled “just another leggy Fox bimbo”, can’t blame her.

  2. Larry Says:

    I am tired of my male counterparts that think the sensuality of a woman is in her breast size when it’s not. The most beautiful ladies I have ever known and the ones I have only had the privilege of observing have been small to average in bra size but gigantic in the romance that made them a WOMAN. A gorgeous lady is gorgeous because of who she is not anything else. If she isn’t a beauty neither can her body be. Dana Perino IS beautiful. She could more than fill the leg chair but her beauty doesn’t need it. She is beautiful without it,and projects the person that makes her 100 times the size of “A Hooter”.

  3. Larry Says:

    Dana is a class act. A sexy class act. U

  4. charlietags Says:

    Check out segments of Red Eye with Dana in the “leg chair”. She is gorgeous through & through.

  5. Evan Says:

    Dana is more beautiful than any Hooter worker. God she turns me ON. She is older and still so sexy :(((( marry me

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I bet there are drool stains on the white House floor from Bill Clinton.

  7. mark Says:

    i consider myself disciplined and understated but Dana is the most beautiful woman i have ever seen-and she has a perfect personality to go with that beauty.

  8. Cliff Says:

    Ah, so I’m not the only one that thinks,Dana is AMAZING!!! ;-)~
    And an absolutely perfect set of, er,uh,,everything :D

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