Brian “Rubs” Laura the Wrong Way

Chagrined Ingraham: “I’m never going to live this down.” Masseur or masseuse? Fox & Friends” co-anchor Brian Kilmeade made radio talk show host Laura Ingraham blush yesterday with that “innocuous” query.

When Ingraham began to conclude her latest weekly appearance, she derided the President’s welfare reform waivers that deem massage “work.” Always the wag, Brian incongruently responded, “Do you like a woman masseuse or a male masseuse [sic]?”* Rolling her eyes and shaking her head in embarrassment, Ingraham stammered, “I’m not going to an[swer], I’m not. Are you?”

Chuckling sympathetically, F&F co-host Gretchen Carlson interjected, “Now, Laura, you know what I go through!”

As Ingraham hid her reddening face in her papers, a bemused Brian queried, “What is the problem? They ask you that when you go to get a massage.”

Still reeling from Brian’s query, Ingraham riposted, “What is this? What, what is this–an MTV interview or is this Fox & Friends? Come on!…I’m not engaging in this conversation.” Subsequently, she jested, “I’m going to do a CLEAN radio show now, okay?”

As Ingraham waved goodbye, Gretchen turned to Brian and whispered, “Brian, just for the record, I take either one.”

With the camera still on Ingraham, Brian declared, “So, Gretchen just weighed in: she’ll take either one.”

Smiling, Ingraham asked, “She takes either one?” Taking Brian’s bait, Ingraham finally gave in. Arching her eyebrows suggestively, she declared, “Men!”

Turning to his co-hosts Gretchen and Steve Doocy, a beaming Brian remarked, “That’s was the toughest issue she’s ever had to handle.”

Interposing, Ingraham responded, “I know. You never get me speechless! I’m never speechless but, no, no… I’m never going to live this down! My brothers are already messaging me.”

Nodding his head, Steve concurred, “You’re right!” Then, turning to his co-hosts, Steve joshed, “I think that rubbed her the wrong way.”

Laughing, Gretchen racily concluded, “But, we found out who she wants to rub her.”

Fox & Friends – 07/24/12 (@ 8:12 a.m.)

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One Response to “Brian “Rubs” Laura the Wrong Way”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Laughing, Gretchen racily concluded, “But, we found out who she wants to rub her.”

    FYI Gretch, there’s a lot of guys “lusting” to rub your luscious thighs.

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