The Fourth: Martha’s In-Dependence Day?

Shackled anew? Ironically, on Independence Day,  America’s Newsroom co-anchor Martha MacCallum returned to her show this morning with her wedding band clearly affixed to her ring finger. Only yesterday, the author had mused that Martha may have been declaring her independence a day early as she abandoned her marital ring on the Third (yet again) after an absence from AN: Not to mention, he noticed that the bronzed beauty evidenced no tan lines on her left ring finger.

As Martha’s fans may recall, Martha proudly displayed here connubial band in a 2011 (201) Magazine holiday family pictorial piece featuring her and her children. Shortly, thereafter, she quit donning it on American’s Newsroom. However, after the author noted its absence in mid-May in Carpe Diem, Martha began to embrace her wedding ring anew on the program.

But, yesterday, Martha abandoned her marital sign anew. Possibly, she was experimenting with the symbol of independence a day early. Nevertheless, she seems to have abandoned that idea today on the Fourth–or, forgive the pun, her “in-dependence day.”

Martha: Mrs. or Ms.? Regardless, Carpe Diem wishes AN‘s lovely lady well.

Update (04/05/12): Martha had her wedding band off her ring finger again today: Perchance, she now trusts her fans to remain loyal regardless of her marital status.

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    […] Day?” Perhaps, not so incidentally, that very next day (the actual Independence Day), Martha had her connubial “shackle” on anew and she seemingly has not been able to escape it […]

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