F&F Folly: AFLAC!

Perhaps, the only thing more annoying about AFLAC than the quack of its iconic duck is its Fox & Friends’ “AFLAC Trivia Question of the Day.” For some odd reason, F&F treats the AFLAC question as some print publications still do their daily crossword puzzles, i.e., without any regard to its consumers’ convenience, it reveals the answer later without repeating the question–as if the casual viewer knew it even if s/he were watching earlier.

For example, today, co-host Steve Doocy read the “AFLAC Trivia Question of the Day,”i.e., “Born on this day in 1975, this actress’ father is academy award winner Jon Voight: Who is she?” Ten minutes later, co-anchor Brian Kilmeade declared, “The answer to the AFLAC Trivia Question of the Day [is] Angelina Jolie.”And the question was?

Apparently, F&F‘s attitude is “Missed it? Get over it!” Minor F&F gripe? Yes, but, a daily irritant.

*Fox & Friends – 06/04/12 (@ 7:43 a.m. ET)


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One Response to “F&F Folly: AFLAC!”

  1. HL 'Hall' Hallwell Says:

    I know the answer to that question! Lemme see….just a second…one second…it’s right here in my head….I can see her now…just a second….don’t say anything….Kilmeade, shut up..don’t say anything, you hear me?…..

    I know it! I know it! She’s Angela Voight!

    BTW, I’ve updated my site.

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