F&FW “Garbage”: Blithely Blind Reportage?

Hero praised: But, heroine ignored. Still on holiday! Fox & Friends Weekend co-hosts Dave Briggs, Alisyn Camerota, and Clayton Morris‘ seemed to be a little off their game this morning: at least, as to the three’s odd oblivion to the patent heroism of the “fairer sex” in the rescue of a baby on a runaway stroller (video). Twice, the story played: twice, the guy who helped save the child was applauded but the gal who actually caught the little one was ignored completely. Crazy!

Five times, producers played the video or a portion thereof: thrice (one promo and the two reports), they aired the footage that not only included the garbage truck driver who chased the stroller and honked to alert others but also a nameless lady with a large dog on a leash who ran to rescue the baby as it hit the curb. It was not as if the three co-hosts were unfamiliar with the video. But. strangely, they seemed blithely blind to the anonymous heroine thereon.

After Clayton teased the tale at the very beginning of the show, Dave reported it almost an hour and half later during a headlines segment.  As video played of the wayward stroller, Dave intoned, “The garbage truck driver turned hero quickly coming to the rescue: He began honking his horn and blocking traffic [and] running out after the stroller. The baby’s frantic mom catching up soon after. Looks like no harm done: Unbelievable!” Heroine ignored.

Consequently, the author notified Dave of his overt omission, Tweeting, “Dave, re garbage truck driver hero story, u failed to mention the lady who actually stopped the runaway stroller w/ the baby.” Nevertheless, Dave did not take note of the author’s alert even though Dave made six more Tweets before the report ran again.

About two hours after Dave’s reading of the headline story, Aly did the honors with the same clip, supra, almost verbatim, stating, “This garbage truck driver turned hero quickly coming to the rescue. He began honking and  blocking traffic [and] running out…after the stroller. The baby’s frantic mom catching up to him.” Ad libbing, apparently, Aly continued, “She appears to be so freaked out [that] she grabs the stroller and just runs off. He [the driver] deserves a ‘thank you.’ That hero!” Heroine unnoticed–again.

Subsequently, all three co-hosts discussed the stroller story. When Clayton marveled, “There’s multiple cameras on this,” Dave castigated the cameraman for not helping out. A mite more skeptical, Aly mused that the vid may have been from a dash cam. Ironically, with all of the angles, Clayton, Dave, and Aly failed to espy the special lady who rescued the baby with her dog in tow.

F&FW: Wake-up!


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