Ogled Gretchen Gives Brian & Geraldo a Time-Out

Bawdy Brian: “You just showed you could go down if you had to.” Today, Fox & Friends co-host Gretchen Carlson became the sensual cynosure of a rather appreciative cameraman, apparently, and two of her more randy colleagues. As F&F’s final hour began, the very first shot was centered on Gretchen’s breasts: As she began to speak, the camera finally focused on her face. When it did, a reddened Gretchen exclaimed, “Oopsy, Daisy!” Generously, she jested, “Scott thought that we were going, we were on Saturday break already. That’s okay: it Friday.”

Then, after some idle chatter between her co-hosts Brian Kilmeade and Steve Doocy, Gretchen chimed, “By the way, Scott, that was probably my fault. Wasn’t it? Because I was putting my coffee down like this.” After recreating the scene for her audience of her placing her coffee on the floor and then trying to explain that Scott accidentally got the risque shot as he was following her, she declared, “Throw me underneath the bus, not Scott. Fantastic camera operator behind camera two. Let’s give him a hand.”

As Gretchen and Steve dutifully clapped, an abstaining Brian comically commented, “You know what I like? I liked the way Scott, as you [Gretchen] reenact it, Scott followed you.” Then, priapically, he proclaimed, “So…you just showed [that] you could go down if you had to.” As the producers interjected an “oy,” Gretchen exclaimed, “What!” Feigning innocence, Brian unconvincingly explained, “You could pan down if you had to.” Echoing his hapless male co-anchor in support, Steve interposed, “He’s following. He’s, he’s paid to follow.” With widened eyes at Brian’s ribald remark, an unpersuaded Gretchen gaped and then pursed her lips in disbelief.

Meanwhile, off camera, regular guest and FNC anchor Geraldo River exclaimed, “Can we get this show on the road?” After Gretchen cheerfully concurred, Geraldo sidled up next to Scott, teasing,  “How hard is it to point and shoot?” As Brian howled, Geraldo goatishly grabbed the camera, panning a chagrined Gretchen from foot to head. Ogling Gretchen, Geraldo joshed, “You [Scott] always get like the ladies’ legs and everything–the leg shot. I like that!”

Seemingly aghast, Steve chided, “Geraldo!” Unrepentant, Geraldo approvingly asserted, “He gets the Miss America shot!” Beaming, Brian declared, “That is the Geraldocam, suddenly.” Laughing with his characteristic machismo, Geraldo replied, “That’s right.” After the boys had their fun, a flattered Gretchen took her hand from her mouth and declared, “Geraldo, you are going to time-out with Brian!” “Chastened,” Geraldo concurred, “That’s right!”

Subsequently, after Gretchen had read the headline news and as Geraldo’s eponymous Geraldo at Large promo segment (including an apology to Brian re their disagreement on Afghanistan exit plan) concluded, Steve quipped, “Geraldo Rivera…you think that you’ll be back to apologize next week?” Chuckling, Geraldo replied, “I don’t know. I don’t know. Maybe, that leg comment about Gretchen.” Arching her left eyebrow suggestively, Gretchen purred, “Not, no, no offense taken!”

F&F Friday: “The boys are back in town!” And, Gretchen doesn’t mind a bit.

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3 Responses to “Ogled Gretchen Gives Brian & Geraldo a Time-Out”

  1. danielwalldammit Says:

    Nothing like professional journalists.

  2. mediaho Says:

    Found these flattering pix of Gretch online.



    A pair of boobs hanging out between a pair of boobs.

  3. U-2 Says:

    What? Another “accidental” downblouse / upskirt view from Gretchen! Happens too often to be an ‘oops’ moment. E D Hill was famous for her “flashes” she gave the viewers.

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