Censored Camerota: Pics Reappear! [Updated]

Aly: “The producers couldn’t find my picture.” Twice, Fox & Friends Weekend featured prom photos of co-anchors Dave Briggs, Clayton Morris, and Alisyn Camerota during a “Pricier Proms” report. When the first story ran, producers showed young bucks Dave and Clayton and their respective dates and then an apparently Photoshopped “Amish” adult Aly all alone. However, when they ran the narrative anew, they finally included a real prom photo of a sassy solo Aly–supplied by an apparent Aly acolyte.

When F&F producers omitted Aly’s prom pic from the original report that included those of Clayton, Dave, and, their dates, Aly remarked, “The producers couldn’t find my picture. I have it. I’ll bring it in next weekend.”* What she failed to mention was that they should have it because she had posted two prom pics on her former F&F blog, In the Greenroom. Perhaps, she did not want to explain that FNC had inexplicably deleted her “80’s Photos” post that contained both of them (not to mention other fun 80’s photos including her proudly displayed ’80’s “abs” bikini shot).

However, one Aly Twitter follower was too impatient to await Aly’s promised delivery next weekend. Tweeting a pic of her in a white off-the-shoulder lace top and a crushed purple velvet skirt, he queried, “What is this, Aly? ;-)” Cagily, she responded, “Wow!! Where, pray, tell, did you get it??” With some alacrity, he answered that he had found an “AC fan group with many off-camera photos” and subsequently sent her the other prom pic (with her date). Praising her devotee, she sweetly asserted, “You’re the best! And very resourceful ;-).”

Meanwhile, after Aly’s Twitter follower had sent her the first prom pic and before he  had sent the second, producers ran the “Pricier Proms” story again.** After the F&W boys pics aired again, Clayton announced, “Now, a viewer, actually–because Aly didn’t find her photo–a viewer found a photo of you and sent it in.” Aly answered, “Yes, because I, I knew that my prom photo had been on our show before. So, I’m assuming this viewer got it from the show and not from my own photo album.”

More plausibly, Aly, your F&FW fan probably did get it from your photo album. Just not your personal one: rather, the one that FNC apparently could not completely censor. Happily.

*Fox & Friends Weekend – 04/15/12 (@ 7:43 a.m. ET)

**Ibid at @ 9:38 a.m. ET.

Update (04/16/12): Aly’s prom photo displayed yesterday was one of the In the Greenroom now censored pics: it was not, as Aly speculated, from its initial airing on 07/02/2008. The photo yesterday showed her left hand atop a piano bench: however, the ’08 shot was cropped (i.e., a “Back to the80’s” banner overlaid it). Fox & Friends weekday (07/02/2008) – @ 8:37 a.m. ET.

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