Alisyn Camerota: “Well, You Gotta See the Bod!”

Aly: “Mexico pictures…I hope you enjoy…the deluxe model Alisyn!” Fresh from her family vacation in Mexico, sun-kissed Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Alisyn Camerota returned to F&FW today to reclaim her center seat on the curvy couch. Unfortunately, the sensual siren sadistically tantalized her viewer subjects with the promise of her vacation pics but failed to deliver the goods. Ironically, at the same time, she complained about a Jockey billboard featuring the face of Tim Tebow while pining for one of him in his underwear a la Marky Mark.

After starting late this morning (post Prez’s South Korean news conference), an ebullient Aly remarked, “Hey, guys! Great to be back with you!” In response, her co-anchor Clayton Morris welcomed her back congenially, and, then addressing Aly’s F&FW fans, he teased, “We’re gonna have much more of Alisyn Camerota coming up a little bit later in the show: you can expect more of her.” Saucily, Aly promised, “Uh, Mexico pictures!”

Mid-show (with no Mexico pictures produced), Clayton saluted Aly’s return anew. When her other appreciative co-host Dave Briggs observed, “Tanned and rested!,” Aly, half-jokingly, answered, “All true.” With a wave of her left hand toward herself in a sexy, short red skirt showcasing her beautifully bronzed gams, she saucily cooed, “I hope you enjoy the deluxe, the deluxe model Alisyn.”

Subsequently (a half hour later with Aly’s Mexico vacay photos still unseen), producers ran the “Shot of the Morning,” i.e., Tim Tebow’s face on a billboard juxtaposed to the double entendre graphic “@JOCKEY WE SUPPORT TEBOW & NEW YORK. Disappointed, Aly exclaimed, “No, no! Wait, wait, wait! This is for Jockey! Why are they just showing his face?” Chuckling, Clayton hircinely commented, “You wanted to see more.” Racily, Aly responded, “Why don’t they take a page from the Marky Mark campaign and show the product?”

In riposte, Clayton queried, “Like the New York Post did?” Almost on cue, Aly placed the NYP‘s front page with a pic of a bare-chested Tebow in tight pants next to her face. Amused, Clayton asked, “That’s what you want to see when your coming through the Lincoln Tunnel to start your morning?” Unashamedly, Aly answered, “Any time! Any time! I don’t have a problem.”

Then, as Dave assured Aly that she would have plenty of shirtless Tebow ads, Aly continued to hold up Tebow’s topless pic. As the cameraperson dutifully panned in closely on Aly and the paper pic, she pertly puckered her lips as if to kiss his mid-section. Laughing, Clayton declared, “You’re making our male producer Gavin uncomfortable!” As if to prove Clayton’s point, Dave Briggs grabbed the photo from Aly’s hand and threw it to the ground, and the producer, perhaps, Gavin, added a kissing sound for the coup de grace.

Later, as the show’s penultimate bloc began (and Aly’s photos were yet MIA), producers displayed the Tebow billboard anew. In concert, Clayton read, “Enjoy it while it lasts: It’s coming down on Friday. And, Alisyn, maybe, they’ll replace it with the one you want of him…with his shirt off.” Racily, Aly responded, “Well, you gotta see the bod! Okay? Can everybody agree with me? You gotta see the bod!” Concurring carnally, Clayton commented, “Let’s give it up! Yeah! I agree.”

Ironically, the “Bristol Bay Babe” herself did not follow her own sage advice this morning: In fact, not only did Aly not show her own topless or bikini pics but also she did not share any Mexico vacation pictures at all. Aly, as Clayton said, “Let’s give it up.” And, as you quite aptly asserted, “You gotta see the bod!”

[Author’s aside: In Aly’s partial defense, she has proudly displayed a bikini pic of herself in her self-professed prime. However, FNC has censored the In the Green Room blog post entitled “80s Photos” that included it.]

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    Oooh Ms. Camerota, what a sexy bod you gotta’

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