Nicole’s F&FW Debut: “Stocks Fox” Rocks!

Petallides “Shines” on the curvy couch. Today, FBN correspondent Nicole Petallides finally got her chance to reign on the Fox & Friends co-anchor. The Greek goddess with gams “2 Hot 4 F&FW” brought her “A” game to her premiere this morning with her salient smarts, measured sass, and sweet sexiness. I.e., FBN’s “Stocks Fox” showed that she really does rock.

Only four days ago, this Carpe Diem author asked, “Where is Nicole Petallides?” in an article entitled “Fox & Friends: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall.” FNC Executive VP of Programming Bill Shine had just put FBN newbie Melissa Francis on the Fox & Friends throne for the second straight day to sub for co-anchor Gretchen Carlson: however, Shine had strangely still not given FBN veteran Nicole, the “real Stocks Fox” and an F&FW regular guest, her well-deserved chance on the curvy couch. After addressing this seeming “injustice,” the author declared, “Time for Nicole to rise and ‘shine,’ Bill!”

Happily, today, Shine answered the call in clarion fashion. To the author’s surprise and utter delight this morning, there sat FBN’s Aphrodite, luring her acolytes to assemble in her short, sleeveless royal blue dress. Once she had sweetly wiped Morpheus‘ rheum from their eyes, she dazzled them with not only her beauty but with her smarts and sass as she held court with her courtiers, co-anchors Clayton Morris and Dave Briggs, and her guests. In fact, she showed not only that she could fill-in for Alisyn Camerota but also that she could be that “Future F&FW Fox.”

Thanks, Bill, for letting Nicole “rise and ‘shine'”!

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4 Responses to “Nicole’s F&FW Debut: “Stocks Fox” Rocks!”

  1. The Ironpig Says:

    I turned on F&F this morning and thought I was having a dream or else I had died and gone to heaven. I couldn’t believe that I was seeing Nicole sitting there in a beautiful blue dress showing off those gorgeous legs and for four hours.

    There are individuals who have been asking for Nicole to host F&F for a long time and no one any louder than myself. I am know as the ironpig on other websites.

    Today that request has been honored and myself and other viewers are thrilled to have been able to see the gorgeous Nicole Petallides also known as The Greek Goddess sitting on the curvy couch.

    Nicole is a very intelligent and gorgeous lady with a charming personality as witnessed by her work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. I hope this was just the first of many appearances for Nicole on F&F. She has earned the honor of sitting on the curvy couch and co-hosting F&F.

    Congratulations Nicole on co-hosting F&F. You did a fantastic job and I look forward to seeing you again in the near future.

  2. C.JJames Says:

    Amen Ironpig

  3. Anonymous Says:

    nicole should host often. it will bring in a lot of viewers

  4. Jerrick: We Love Nicole [Petallides]! Don’t We? « Carpe Diem Says:

    […] Apparently, it just comes naturally for Nicole. On F&FW (March 24) as a guest co-host, she revealed her “little secret” to captivated co-anchor Clatyon Morris that she her (pre-cell) CB handle was “Wonder Woman” as she cruised the the Long Island Expressway in her Datsun 280ZX.** Later, she enchanted her FBN fans as a “Foxy’s Angel” on Happy Hour (alongside regular Rebecca Diamond nee Gomez and guest Sandra Smith). And, now, she is FBN’s “Stocks Fox.” […]

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