Sanjay Gupta: Kisses Up to Anderson Cooper?

Making up for “diss” on Fox & Friends? Less than a week ago, CNN’s chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta was asked by F&F co-host Brian Kilmeade whether he would rather “hang out with Anderson Cooper or Wolf Blitzer.” Without a hint of hesitation as to his choice of CNN colleagues, Gupta exclaimed, “Wolfman every single time!” When Brian mischievously persisted, “A lot better [than Anderson Cooper]?, a smiling Sanjay answered, “A lot.”

Apparently, today Sanjay felt that he needed to make up for his “diss” of Anderson, host of his eponymous program, Anderson Cooper 360. Sanjay Tweeted, “Check out the picture of my parents and their new favorite son, @andersoncooper” Included was a link to a photo of a smiling Anderson posing with Sanjay’s beautiful mom and Sanjay’s handsome dad.

However, the anchor of the Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer was nowhere in sight. Perhaps, the Wolfman was simply “hanging out” with Sanjay on the other side of the lens. Nevertheless, nice move, Sanjay!

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2 Responses to “Sanjay Gupta: Kisses Up to Anderson Cooper?”

  1. tedcohen Says:

    Given the choice of Anderson “I mean, uh, I mean, I mean” stuttering Cooper or Blitzer I would choose Sanjay, hands down.

  2. tedcohen Says:

    BTW, I’m trying to figure out when Carpe Diem is going to analyze Soledad’s penchant for LAUGHING.
    What does she find so funny?
    Is she that insecure?
    She is always laughing, like a force dlaugh.
    Very strange.
    People, are you listening?

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