Fox & Friends: “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall”

FBN’s Melissa Francis again today: Where is Nicole Petallides? Former child actress Melissa may have been Charles Ingall’s cute little girl Cassandra on “Little House on the Prairie” but she’s all grown up now. The Harvard grad and whilom CNBC anchor is a recent FBN hire who has filled in for the frequently absent Fox & Friends anchor Gretchen Carlson for the last two days. Yes, she is attractive and competent: But, she is not FBN’s real “Stocks Fox,” Nicole Petallides.

Even though Nicole does oft appear on F&F and its weekend version, FNC Executive VP of Programming Bill Shine still has not given Nicole a chance to co-anchor either to the author’s knowledge. The gorgeous Greek goddess with the gams “2 hot 4 F&FW” certainly turns up the heat on the set whenever she appears. So much so that Red Eye’s TV’s Andy Levy aptly dubbed her the “Stocks Fox.”

Of course, Shine may have wanted to give FBN’s new hire Melissa added exposure. And, cable news juggernaut Fox & Friends is the perfect place to do that. However, Nicole has been at FBN for approximately five years: The brainy beauty certainly has earned her chance to co-anchor on the curvy couch.

Time for Nicole to rise and “shine,” Bill!

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3 Responses to “Fox & Friends: “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall””

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    […] this Carpe Diem author asked, “Where is Nicole Petallides?” in an article entitled “Fox & Friends: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall.” FNC Executive VP of Programming Bill Shine had just put FBN newbie Melissa Francis on the Fox […]

  2. Lynn Krill Says:

    No words were ever more true than what was just written. Nicole is a very bright, articulate and down right gorgeous lady who has been with FBN since it came on the air in 2007. Anything I would say would just be repeating the words which were so eloquently spoken.

    The time has come for Nicole to shine and that time is NOW. Wise up Fox and realize the gem you have with Nicole. She is indeed the Greek Goddess and deserves a PERMANENT seat on that curvy couch.

  3. Steve levier Says:

    Wow didn’t know Mellisa Francis was TV actress learn something new every day

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