F&F First: The Thrill is Back?

Prudish desk ditched! Today, leggy Fox & Friends First co-host Heather Childers brought sexy back–again–as she returned to F&FF‘s original sleek set. Gone was the table that producers had priggishly brought in Tuesday to conceal the gorgeous gams of co-hosts Anna Kooiman and Ainsley Earhardt after they made such a stir from their “leg chairs” Monday on F&FF‘s premiere: Back were the chic stem chairs and Heather proudly reigned atop one of them as she deftly delivered the news in her short fuschia dress.

Perhaps, it was NewHounds acerbic review (“blondest and leggiest show Fox ‘News’ has ever produced…[for]…merkin men” or Chickaboomer‘s more subtle pan of “‘Fox & Friends First’ Skirting the Issues” that cowed F&FF producers into censorious prudes for a few days. However, happily, they returned to their senses today and showcased anew the sexy stems of their smart comely co-host. Perchance, Carpe Diem played some role in facilitating this welcome change back with critiques Tuesday (“Fox & Friends: Losing Sexy Fast”) and Wednesday (“Fox & Friends First: Happening Not!”).

Regardless, laurels, F&FF. The thrill is back!

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3 Responses to “F&F First: The Thrill is Back?”

  1. C.JJames Says:

    Can we be sure this will last? only time will tell. By the way was I the only one who thought that Briggs looked like he wanted to be some place else? If this was to stay this way I would watch this show and skip Fox&Friends. Three hours of Obama bashing gets old.

  2. boogiewoogee Says:

    Who wouldn’t want to be somewhere else at 5 in the morning???

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I watch F&F First every day, I don’t get up at 5 I record it and then zip through the commercials.

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