F&F Tease: Cold as Ice

Symone Black’s frightening fall: Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust”? Fox & Friends producers and co-anchors Brian Kilmeade and Steve Doocy seemed “Cold as Ice” early this morning about sixteen-year-old contestant Symone Black’s scary tumble from the American Idol stage. When producers teased the upcoming story (as the “A” block ended), they aired video of Symone’s stumbling from the stage and her subsequent crumpling onto the floor as Brian blithely boomed, “And, you’ve seen the American Idol auditions that just fell flat: But, this girl took it to a whole new level.” Then, when the fall was shown for the second time to the tune of Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust,” Steve coarsely jested, “Kaboom!” To make matters, after F&F producers let the footage run longer to show stunned judges Steven Tyler, Randy Jackson, and Jennifer Lopez looking on in horror at an injured Symone (laying in the fetal position and cradling her head), they quickly added one last fall for good measure right before the commercial break.

“Another One Bites the Dust”? Yikes! That crass F&F promo certainly should have.

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5 Responses to “F&F Tease: Cold as Ice”

  1. C.JJames Says:

    The people on F&F are full of themselves. They have no class. This show gets worse every year, but that is just me.

  2. mediaho Says:

    Doocy is pathetic middle age buffoon, yucking it up, smirking and making silly faces like an adolescent class clown. His young son Peter is a Fox reporter in DC and the boy is more mature and dignified than his old man.

    Kilmead is a puny imp and a hapless jock sniffing wannabe’.

    The 2 bookends are merely props for Gretchen, she is THE self righteous diva of cable TV in the AM.
    F&F is rated #1 in the 6-9 time slot on cable, but Robin, Mika & Soul-a-dad aren’t much competition.

    Aly Camerota on the weekends is entertaining cuz’ she doesn’t take herself so seriously.

  3. Al Says:

    They missed a perfect opportunity to show the trampoline bear!

  4. C.JJames Says:

    amen mediaho

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Fox should get rid of Steve Doocey. He is not a very professional addition to the trio. Eric Bolling or Greg Gutfeld would be good replacements.

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