Soledad O’Brien: “Bravo”?

“My theme song.” Yesterday, Starting Point host Soledad O’Brien seemed more than satisfied with her new morning show—so much so, that she practically begged thrice-Grammy-nominated R& B singer Ledisi to be able to use her song “Bravo” as SP‘s theme song. After Soledad started her last SP segment with Ledisi’s “Raise Up,” she said, “If I could get a little portion of America to love Ledisi as I do, it would be a very good thing but, I really would like ‘Bravo.’ For some reason, we can’t play it. I don’t think we have the right to it.” Then, looking straight into the camera, she pleaded, “So, Ledisi, Tweet me. Can we have the rights to “Bravo” as my theme song? Call you later.”

Fortunately, CNN appears more ambivalent about Soledad’s new show. According to the New York Post‘s “Page Six,” one source said that “executives are looking to support Soledad O’Brien…and have expressed interest in adding [regular panelists] conservative commentator Will Cain and liberal commentator Roland Martin to the cast.” But, “Page Six” also indicated that an unnamed CNN representative denied it saying, “We couldn’t be more pleased with Soledad and the direction she is taking her program. Her newsmaking interviews and substantive panel discussions are the centerpiece of the program.”

Unfortunately, for CNN, Soledad’s show (which replaced in part the now kaput American Morning) has not gained traction with CNN viewers. In fact, if early ratings are any indication, it will lay even lower in the cable news morning cellar than it’s predecessor AM–for good reason. Regrettably, SP is proving to be not as good as AM: instead of a program where co-hosts had, at least, the patina of objectivity, CNN has an unabashedly opinionated sole anchor, who never fails to remind her panelists and her viewers that SP is “my show.” Nevertheless, CNN would make matters even worse if CNN were to give the soft-spoken milquetoast Will Cain and the obstreperous, cocksure Roland Martin even more prominent roles as Soledad’s co-hosts on Starting Point.

Bravo for SP? No. At least, not in the foreseeable future.

H/t to J$P for “Page Six” alert.

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6 Responses to “Soledad O’Brien: “Bravo”?”

  1. larrykelly Says:

    Solodad soon be just ‘nother go in da co’is.

  2. Dan on the Left Coast Says:

    Soledad’s act is very old. She someone who depending on the interview subject plays her Black, Hispanic or Irish ethnicity. Factor in her lack of personality and she’s a ratings loser.

    I’ve tried to watch her show but I simply can’t spend more than 5 minutes on it.

    However, don’t worry, CNN will keep her on the air until after the election so she can attempt to carry President Obama across the electoral finish line.

  3. tedcohen Says:

    Dan Left Coast has it about right – Soledad is merely a reflection of CNN’s disastrous programming geniuses.

    She’ll be gone before the summer solstice.

  4. June Says:

    I Love the show. It is a great alternative to the yelling on Morning Joe!

  5. Bob Says:

    I’ve enjoyed some of Soledad O’Brien’s reporting, but it seems on this new morning show that all too often audio of her barking orders at camera/tech staff is captured live – She comes off almost as gruff and unpleasant as Bill O’Reilly.

  6. larrykelly Says:


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