Ashleigh Banfield’s Band: Missing Again?

Early Start co-host Ashleigh Banfield appears to have lost her wedding band again this morning. Perhaps, the Palin-bespectacled beauty sensed that its appearance yesterday on her ring finger may not have augured well for the desired demographic that seems to be eluding ES at the moment. I.e., CNN’s estrogen-infused and testosterone-bereft morning news show may need a mite more to arouse its male (and female) viewers than a “single” too oft cacophonous Cannuck and her “ringless” comely coy companion Zoraida Sambolin.

Doubtlessly, ES is an hour too early, and Ash appears to acknowledge that each time she assures her audience that the news is not old news from yesterday but will be the new news later in the day. Not to mention Ashley’s telling her West Coast viewer to go to bed as she greets her East Coast audience indicates that one may have tuned in just a tad too early. Not necessarily an auspicious start to one’s day.

Unfortunately, Ash’s co-anchor Zoraida seems all too content to sit idly on ES‘ sidelines. The lovely Latina professes that the early hour is her favorite one but she seems to blossom a little later in the day (e.g., Z’s tantalizing tango and sexy cha cha). But, if the brunette beauty ever seeks to supplant even remotely AM‘s Aphrodite Kiran Chetry in the hearts of her CNN viewers, she must soon emerge from Ashleigh’s long shadow.

Early Start: A little late.

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