Nicole Petallides: Future F&FW Fox?

Still too hot for Fox & Friends Weekend? FBN correspondent Nicole Anais Petallides was BACK in the F&F house Saturday. At 6:16 a.m. ET, the long-legged Greek goddess reminded her male votaries why it was time to rise and shine. And, this time she did not need to hike her skirt twice to arouse her boys.

Clad in a short charcoal gray dress accentuating her long gorgeous gams, Nicole held court as F&FW co-hosts Alisyn Camerota and Clayton Morris interviewed her.* While FBN’s Aphrodite sagely opined on the Labor Department’s December jobs report, Aly and Clayton tried to studiously maintain eye contact with the erstwhile “Foxy’s Angel.” Meanwhile, Nicole’s Fox & Friends Weekend fans can be forgiven for not following suit, especially, since their dear Italian divine Aly seemed to care less for their tribute with her longer, more matronly attire.

Perhaps, Nicole was auditioning to fill-in for Aly on the F&FW curvy couch. If not, the beautiful married mother of two certainly should. But, if so, she certainly fits the bill with the requisite smarts, sass, and sexiness to be an F&FW fox.

*Fox & Friends Weekend – 01/07/11 (@ 6:16 a.m. ET)

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4 Responses to “Nicole Petallides: Future F&FW Fox?”

  1. Lynn Krill Says:

    What a fantastic article. You really said a lot and your message was powerful. Last Saturday’s appearance of Nicole on the curvy couch was a trip to heaven.

    I know Nicole is a real asset to Fox and she enjoys her job and does a great job on the floor of the NYSE. That being said she deserves so much more. She deserves her own show where we can see ALL of her and not be hidden behind a table as they do with other news anchors on Fox.

    When you describe Nicole as having the smarts, sass and sexiness to be an F&FW fox you described the Greek Goddess perfectly.

    I like to think of myself as Nicole’s #1 fan and really enjoyed what I consider a tribute to a very talented and GORGEOUS lady.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    “since their dear Italian divine Aly seemed to care less for their tribute with her longer, more matronly attire.”

    IMHO..Aly has got the “gams” to compete with any of the “leggy” Fox babes. She can rock a skimpy skirt w/any of them.

  3. Nicole’s F&FW Debut: “Stocks Fox” Rocks! « Carpe Diem Says:

    […] Happily, today, Shine answered the call in clarion fashion. To the author’s surprise and utter delight this morning, there sat FBN’s Aphrodite, luring her acolytes to assemble in her short, sleeveless royal blue dress. Once she had sweetly wiped Morpheus‘ rheum from their eyes, she dazzled them with not only her beauty but with her smarts and sass as she held court with her courtiers, co-anchors Clayton Morris and Dave Briggs, and her guests. In fact, she showed not only that she could fill-in for Alisyn Camerota but also that she could be that “Future F&FW Fox.” […]

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Nicole petallides should host the curvy couch alot more than she does.

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