Anna Kooiman, “Welcome to the Fox Family!”

Bill Hemmer: “Nice.” New FNC correspondent hire Anna Kooiman made her apparent debut on America’s Newsroom in fine form today. Dressed in virginal white, the long-tressed blonde beauty reported on strict business news (a new NYC company plan to provide “fee-free ATM’s” to the Big Apple). When she concluded her report, AN co-anchor Martha MacCallum congenially declared, “Anna, thank you. And, welcome to New York, Anna. Good to have you with us!” After a grateful Anna answered, “Thank you. Thank you,” Martha’s equally appreciative, grinning cohost, Bill Hemmer added, “Yeah. Welcome to the Fox Family. Nice.”

Nice indeed. Yes, the former WCCB FOX Charlotte (NC) anchor displayed the on-camera smarts, skills, and allure to keep her viewers tuned in and turned on. However, cloaked in form-obscuring garb today, “Elevate Magazine’s Sexiest News Anchor Summer 2010” beauty offered few clues as to her acclaimed “FOX” quotient. But if her 2010 Team Beachbody six-pack-abs pic is any indication, the AFAA-certified fitness instructor definitely has it.

FNC’s latest fox? Certifiable. Congratulations, Anna!

America’s Newsroom – 01/06/12 (@ 9:24 a.m. ET)

Update: After Carpe Diem‘s account of Anna’s debut on American Newsroom, supra, she broke her almost two-week silence on Twitter. To her followers, she excitedly Tweeted, “My first full FNC story!!! Sick of paying bank fees? Here’s one place you may not have to anymore!…”

[Author’s aside: Anna’s link includes her AL vid and an accompanying written report.]

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