AM: Ali (Velshi) Moves (On)

Ali: “My last morning was yesterday.” Today, American Morning‘s “temporary” co-host Ali Velshi left CNN’s moribund morning show–a day early without explanation, seemingly. Yesterday, he announced, “1 more day as your @CNN bookends: anchoring @cnnAM 609aET, then @OutFrontCNN 7/11pET.” When an apparent AM viewer queried, “[H]ow do you plan to mark the last ever @CNNAM tomorrow morning?,” Ali tersely replied, “My last morning was yesterday [Tuesday].

Such an abrupt departure by Ali should not be surprising to the AM audience. Since AM‘s last permanent anchor Kiran Chetry gave her fans a final namaskaar in late July, AM has had three “temporary” co-hosts, Ali, Christine Romans, and Carol Costello. Generally, if any of them were off, their absence was duly noted by the ones present. Lately, the co-anchors do not even do that anymore: In fact, today, guest co-hosts Alina Cho and Deborah Feyerick, seemed almost to forget Ali, Christine, or Carol altogether.

If CNN is not careful, AM‘s audience may forget–to tune in.

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3 Responses to “AM: Ali (Velshi) Moves (On)”

  1. hgb3 Says:

    JK, you must have taken this blog title subconsciously from the March 1, 1976 issue of Sports Illustrated: “Ali’s Road Show Rolls On.” That was the one where Muhammad Ali easily defeated Belgian fighter Jean Pierre Coopman in 5 rounds.

    Or………maybe not. Anyway, have a happy new year!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Ali’s gone…how long will Christine and Carol be there until the show ends? Or will they fill in with others?

  3. Frank McManus Says:

    Keep changing your morning host and you might as well stop having a show the CNN morning show use to be the best of the best when you watched you knew you were watching
    The best there was you knew it was correct and the latest they were able to offer not now not any more the show has become childish giddy silly boring unworthy what more could CNN do to ruin a great news/weathe and up to date information from a to z than to keep changing host out like some one taking out the trash
    Seems no one is thinking of the viewing audience ! So now who’s going to watch your
    Broadcast ????? Time to think people !!

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