Rick Reichmuth: “Not Bad for a First-Timer”

“Bush’s brain”: “[He’s] steady…charming…personable…just a fun guy on the set.” FNC contributor Karl Rove gave FNC chief meteorologist Rick Reichmuth a rave review for his debut on the Fox & Friends Weekend curvy couch on Christmas Eve. In Rove’s usual weekly F&FW appearance Saturday with co-hosts Dave Briggs, Juliet Huddy, and Rick, he effusively praised Rick (after zestfully zinging his friend Dave).

When Dave welcomed Rove to the show in its final hour, he said, “We are honored [that] you’d join us on this Christmas Eve, Karl!” Playfully, Rove gibed, “Well, I’m happy to do so. But, I’m a little nervous if you’re the senior guy there.” As his co-hosts Rick and Juliet laughed heartily, a “wounded” Dave declared, “In the Christmas spirit, you had to slam me”: Then, pointing to Rick, Dave queried, “Well, Rick’s doing a great job: Right, Karl?”

Smiling, Rove responded, “He is!…Not bad for a first-timer….We knew he was steady under difficult conditions when he handled the weather. But…he’s been charming; he’s been personable; [and] he’s been…just a fun guy on the set this morning. He’s been great!”

And, Rick had. Not only had he fulfilled his co-host duties ably during the prior three hours, but also he had shown a remarkable sensitivity in his interviews with an awkward eight-year-old “One Boy USO,” a tearful “Layaway Secret Santa” recipient, and a grateful “Operation Ride Home” U.S. serviceman and his appreciative family. At least, on Christmas Eve, Rove was right.

Job well done, Rick.

*Fox & Friends Weekend – 12/24/11 (@ 9:04 a.m. ET)

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One Response to “Rick Reichmuth: “Not Bad for a First-Timer””

  1. Aussie_Rebecca Says:

    I saw part of it and I think Rick did a really great job! Well done Rick!

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