“Big News”: Rick Debuts on Curvy Couch

FNC chief meteorologist Rick Reichmuth proudly trumpeted his first appearance on Fox & Friends Weekend tomorrow as a guest co-host. After fellow fill-in co-anchor Juliet Huddy disclosed to her Twitter followers that Rick would be “on [F&F‘s] curvy [couch],” Rick exulted, “Big news for tomorrow’s Fox and Friends…Get ready….I am filling in on the curvy couch for Clayton [Morris]!” Elaborating, Rick remarked, “I’ll be doing weather, too.” Apparently, trying to allay any fears of his fans, and, perhaps, any lingering ones of his own, he hopefully declared, “With @foxdavebriggs and @juliethuddy, they’ll take good care of me.”

Congratulations on your overdue debut, Rick. Good luck!

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3 Responses to ““Big News”: Rick Debuts on Curvy Couch”

  1. Nick Says:

    Don’t know if you caught this Jakeho. I thought it was priceless. Expand on it if you are so inclined as you see fit…


    At today’s show ended, Juliet gives Rick a major cheek-to-cheek hug b/c it was his 1st day hosting on the couch & probably for Christmas as well. Then Dave taps her and she leans to give Dave a peck on the cheek. Dave turns quickly with open mouth ready to plant it on Juliet’s lips. Juliet snaps her head away not looking very pleased by his action leaving Dave sucking his own lips. Cold-hearted Juliet or lascivious Dave?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Memo to Briggs & Rev.Kelly: Keep the lids closed on those lap “prop” computers on the table, cuz’ there spoiling the view.

  3. jakeho Says:

    Thanks, Nick! I appreciate your vid. After watching that scene repeatedly, I interpreted it somewhat differently: To me, it appeared to evidence an awkward air kiss by Juliet and an unsuccessful cheek buss by Dave. Nevertheless, you may well be right.

    Of course, CD readers should judge for themselves.

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