Romans: AM “Files for Bankruptcy”

“Costello: “That was a Freudian slip.” So it seemed. Today, American Morning co-host Christine Romans teased an upcoming business segment, saying, “American Morning–uh, huh–American Airlines files for bankruptcy protection.”* Laughing,  co-anchor Carol Costello declared, “That was a Freudian slip.” In response, Christine howled knowingly.

As their CNN morning show nears its end in 2012, the two AM co-hosts seemed to scoff openly at the moribund state of their ratings-challenged show. Carol, who made the caustic observation, appeared to continue to be especially sensitive to the coming demise of AM. As the reader may recall, only three weeks ago, after Christine did another biz promo (for an investment story), Carol casually commented, “I want to retire very soon.”

When AM “files for bankruptcy” next year, perhaps, Carol shall get her her wish. As her AM co-anchors stay with CNN, her future seems less secure. While Christine continues her business reports and interviews at CNN and fellow co-host Ali Velshi assumes “new roles across CNN Worldwide” after AM ends in 2012, Carol, has lost her seemingly sole CNN role as “a contributor to American Morning.”

Perhaps, more than one lady’s slip was showing this morning.

American Morning – 11/29/11 (@ 8:21 a.m. ET)

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